Putty Applicator

This is a Precision Putty Applicator used for applying putty to models.

Squadron Putty Applicator
 Squadron/Signal # squ10205
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Squadron/Signal Item # squ10205
Specifications :

Length: 7" (177mm)

  • Squadron Product Number: 10205
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Spotlight Review

"Squadron Putty Applicator #10205"
JohnnieA63 (Fairmont, WV)
When I first pulled this applicator out of the box I thought When will I need this thing? It looked rather sophisticated so I continued to use toothpicks and #10 scalpel blades for shaping and smoothing putty jobs. Curiosity got the best of me and now I use it almost exclusively for applying putty. Easy to use in shaping and forming putty in and around seams, joints, and places which require a bit of patching. Easy to clean to, simply wipe off and move on with applying more putty or to put back until the next time. I recommend this putty applicator.

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  • High quality stainless steel micro spatula for applying filler putty
  • putty to scale models.
  • One end is knife shaped, the other shaped similar to a golf putter.
  • The handle is octagonal with knurls on six of the sides.


Length: 7" (177mm)

  • Squadron Product Number: 10205


One Putty Applicator

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Excellent tool"
This tool is great. Works well to fill in gaps and seams.

"Great for filling gapsin plastic models"
This putty applicator is great for filling both large and small gaps and seams in plastic models with. plastic putty. I've used it to fill both fuselage gaps and wing to fuselage seams which were too wide with very good results. Both the narrow, round end and the wider flat spade end have been very useful.

"Must have"
BlucherFamily (Overland Park, KS)
This tool is so usefull I say it is a must have for any serious modeller. The spoon shaped end is great for almost any puttying job, where you need to fill imperfections and the hooked end will enale you to get oto those hard to reach areas. Of course there are a lot of other tools with different shapes for different applications, but this one will suite probably 90 - 95 percent of what you will need to do. Don't waste your money buying a full set, buy this, and when you find an application that it can't handle then look for one that will.

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