Touch-N-Flow Applicator

This is the Flex-I-File Touch-N-Flow Applicator hobby and model glue applicator.

Flex-I-File Touch-N-Flow Applicator Hobby and Model Glue Applicator #711
 Flex-I-File # flx711
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Flex-I-File Item # flx711
Features :
  • Gravity fed allowing an exact application of solvent cement according to the angle it's held at
  • For optimal use fill applicator 1/3 to 1/2 full of solvent cement
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Spotlight Review

This is one of the best tools I have found for getting in to tight places to apply glue. The long fine needle point will reach just about any where you need to apply liquid glue. I do armor models and it put the glue where I need it. A couple of things to remember: keep the tip level until you are ready to apply glue or it will start to flow before you are ready, also the tube is made of glass and it will break easilyso handle with care or do as I do and buy two so you have a spare

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  • Gravity fed allowing an exact application of solvent cement according to the angle it's held at
  • For optimal use fill applicator 1/3 to 1/2 full of solvent cement


  • Flex-I-File Product Number: 711

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"One of My Best Purchases"
I use this for applying liquid cement. It gets into the tightest spaces and the cement flows perfectly. This tool is for the liquid cements and parts already assembled or tacked together with CA. Then you drag the thin needle like tip along the joint and the cement is literally pulled between the parts and they bond instantly. This is a must have tool for plastic model builders. The tip can plug from plastic residue but is easily cleaned by dipping in liquid cement. Buy the filler bottle too because it simplifies filling the thin glass tube. Like another reviewer suggested use care when storing the applicator in its case as the needle is easily bent.

"Best thing ever"
Simply the best tool you could have. It is very easy to use. I recommend the one drop applicator, also by Flex-I-File, to fill this applicator. It does clog sometimes, but dipping it in glue will clear it quickly. I normally drop the applicator in the bottle of glue, then use the one drop applicator to suck some glue out, and then fill the touch-n-flow from the back. I have only used this with extra thin cement, and it flows perfectly. It is the best $6 you can spend in this hobby. If you store this with the plastic tube container it came in, be careful not to bend the needle while closing the cap.

"Great, but keep your cement clean!"
skydog (Arizona)
This applicator is best called a pipette, as it is nothing more than a fine-gauge blunt needle fused to a glass tube. It works very well- hold it horizontally and the cement stays in the glass tube. Tip it down a bit and a small drop will form at the end. Apply it to a seam, THEN tip it slightly down, and you get cement only in the seam with no mess. It does clog very easily, both with dissolved plastic and with any crud you might have in your liquid cement (usually caused by dipping a not-so-clean brush in the cement). It cuts way down on losing cement to evaporation, because it will stay in the pipette for a long time before it dries. I've had to blow it out with my airbrush a few times when it got clogged. I see that Flexifile now has a bottle to ease filling of the applicator. I think I can fill it with a syringe, also. Even though it's a bit fiddly at times, I not only would recommend it to a friend, I already have!

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