Extra Fine Extender Tips (6)

For use over the standard #312 top, it allows BSI's thin CAs (Insta-Cure, Insta-Flex and Super-Gold) to be applied a drop at a time.

Hobbylinc Extra Fine Extender Tips (6) Glue Tip Glue Applicator #302
 Hobbylinc # hlc302
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Hobbylinc Item # hlc302
Features :

Thin CA tends to run everywhere, so these allow precise application.

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Spotlight Review

"Work as designed"
buddyx (Fort Pierce, FL)
Still using the first one. I figured I would had to have clipped off a dries end at some point, but what glue from my BSi Supergold just pops off the end. Very handy at being precise.

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Thin CA tends to run everywhere, so these allow precise application.


  • Hobbylinc Product Number: 302


6 Tips

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"Great Tips - More Than Single Use..."
I have tried A LOT of different tips out there and these are my favorite for a couple reasons. The first being they can reasonably tame super thin CA glues. I used to shy away from Insta-Cure Super Thin because it got everywhere but since using these tips, I'm able to use this glue and wonder how I got by without it. The other thing I love about these is how long they last. When I'm done using the glue I just leave the tip on and next time I need the glue, if it has dried in the tip, snip off about 1/16 and you're good to go. At the same time the tips are fine enough that they don't tend to clog with dried glue in one sitting.

"Best extended tips on the market"
Rick1011 (Evans, Co)
I've tried a lot of different brand tips, but these are by far the best I've used. Building sailing ships requires getting into many extremely small and hard-to-get-to places, but with these, I don't have to klutz around anymore. For getting in between rigging lines and whatnot, these just can't beat. If they should get clogged, just use a hobby knife and trim off a miniscule piece. Thank you for a great product! Rick

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