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Discontinued, no longer available for purchase
Discontinued, no longer available for purchase
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Product Description

This is the Apprentice Boat Rigging Kit from Midwest Products.

Product Features
  • Everything you need to rig the sails on your Midwest Products model boat--all in one package!
  • Includes the most useful tools available for completing the rigging and sail installation on your model sailboat.
  • Stainless steel Bent-Tip Locking Tweezer holds small parts--simply press the lock and the parts easily release.
  • Stainless steel Magnifying Tweezer for close-up detail work features a glass magnifying lens with 6x magnification.
  • Beeswax and Dispenser is used on all rigging cordage to keep fibers together and eliminate the "fuzzy" look for an authentic looking rope appearance.
  • Pin Vise with 4 Drill Bits features a magnetic cap to hold bits securely in the handle, preventing their loss. Includes #52 (.063") #60 (.404"), #67 (.032") and #72 (.025") bits.
  • Five reusable Rigging Threaders make it easy to thread rigging line through small holes and blocks.
Product Specifications
  • Midwest Product Number: 911
What's Included
  • Bent Tip Locking Tweezer
  • Magnifying Tweezer
  • Beeswax and Dispenser
  • Pin Vise w/4 Drill Bits
  • Five Rigging Threader
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