Nozzle General Purpose

This is the Testors General Purpose Acrylic Paint Nozzle For use with Testors Aztek Airbrush Systems

Testors Nozzle General Purpose
 Testors # tes9340
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Testors Item # tes9340
Specifications :
  • Nozzle: 0.40mm
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"Good General Purpose Nozzle for Acrylic Paints"
This is the nozzle of choice for painting most models with acrylic paints using the Aztec A470 or other Aztec airbrushes. It's spray pattern is identical to the tan Aztec nozzle, but this black nozzle has a round tip surface so you can wipe dried acrylic paint from the front of the nozzle, keeping paint splatter to a minimum. It's also offered at a good price compared to other specialty suppliers of airbrush products and accessories.

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  • Sprays 1/32" - 1/2" (0.7cm - 1.27cm).
  • Less paint buildup at tip ane exposed needle tip is easier to clean..


  • Nozzle: 0.40mm


One nozzle

Requirements & Suggestions

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  • Use with Aztek airbrush paint or acrylic paint thinned to th consistency of milk..
  • Use 2.5cc or 8.0cc paint cups or 33 mm Siphon Cap with jar..
  • Recommended pressure: 2psi (1.38 Bar).
  • For use wit TESR3205 A320 Testors Aztek Workhorse Airbrush Ki TESR4110 A320 Testors Aztek Intermediate Single Action Internal Mi TESR4305 A430 Testors Aztek 7 Piece Solo Professional Airbrush Se TESR4115 A430 Testors Aztek Intermediate Double Action Internal Mi TESR4308 A430 Testors Aztek 9 Piece Solo Professional Airbrush Se TESR4708 A470 Testors Aztek Solo Professional Airbrush Se TESR4120 A430 Testors Aztek Professional Single/Double Action Internal Mi TESR4709 A470 Testors Aztek Deluxe Professional Airbrush Se TESR4809 A4809 Testors Aztek Professional Single/Double Action Internal Mi TESR7778 A777 Testors Aztek Master Professional Metal Airbrush Set.

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