German Infantry on the Move WWII (5)

This is the 1/35 Scale German Infantry on the Move Under Fire WWII Era Early (5) Plastic Model Military Figure Kit by Master Box Limited.

Master-Box German Infantry on the Move WWII (5) Plastic Model Military Figure Kit 1/35 #35177
 Master Box Limited # mbl35177
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Master Box Limited Item # mbl35177
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Spotlight Review

"Use two kits to make out a full German squad! Enjoyable and dynamic kit."
LawDawg (Oklahoma)
Since the standard German infantry squad was 8-10 men in WW2, including a squad leader, asst squad leader, three man MG team, and a 5 man assault team led by the asst squad leader, I used two of these items to create a squad that will be used in a much larger diorama in the future. I am planning a 12'x12' battle diorama in a shop on my property. I found this item easy to paint, assemble, and diversify with all the items included. I gave the squad leader a PPSh 41, the asst squad leader an MP-40, had one man with a sniper rifle, and the remaining with 98k's, with and without bayonets. I was able to melt/bend the arms on the second squad leader to make it able to hold the MP-40 instead of binoculars, etc. I enjoyed painting and assembling the team look forward to their final placement on the diorama. I would highly recommend this set to anyone looking to make out a German squad, or part of a squad.

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  • Master-Box Product Number: 35177

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"Another Great infantry set."
johncpo41 (www.hobbiesinabarn)
I started this set with building and detailing the figure with binoculars, it's amazing what you can do to pose these figures. The MasterBox brand is full of great detailing parts and is flash free and easily assembled. I highly recommend this set.

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