Schwinn Sting Ray 5 Speed

This is the 1/8 scale Schwinn Sting Ray 5 Speed plastic model bike kit from MPC by Ertl.

MPC Schwinn Sting Ray 5 Speed Plastic Model Bike Kit 1/8 Scale #pc914
 MPC by Ertl # mpcpc914
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MPC by Ertl Item # mpcpc914
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Spotlight Review

"Baby boomers time travel."
Memories, that is what this kit is. Never had a krate, wanted one so bad. I did get a used fastback in blue. About this kit. Comes in 4 colors, mine was red, the apple grate. Not my favorite color. They had 6 colors by the time of the last year of production. The kit includes water slide decal to make 4 different colors. Think i will do the lemon or orange grate. The rarest color is the gray ghost. I know some folks just collect kits and leave them un opened. Not me i open all even my old ones i buy. There is room for improvement on these kits. Tubing is way to large and the wrong color for most. The tubing is black but the krates had gray cables. The spokes are a bit thick. The tires are just as awesome as the real thing. Flash is there, which i guess for such small parts is hard not to have, but it is more than expected. The box art makes me drool like i was a kid again. Have never seen this kit in a store. And i ordered it a few months ago on hobbylinc. It took awhile to get. Not hobbylincs fault, just high demand. This kit is worth the wait if you were around in the late 60s or early 70s, remembering riding all over the neighborhood with a bunch of kids with no cares in the world. Remembering lifting the tiny chicklets and potato sticks from the local store then riding down to the small RC factory getting free big reds from some older lady that worked there, in glass bottles. No helmets, no adults riding, and cruising with glass bottles. We all survived. This kit is worth the price just for the memories. Will i build it? Maybe. I have worked on it. If i coukd be sure to get another color i would order another. And i would open it also. Enough of the review, now i need to drive 50 miles back to the old neighborhood and dream of times gone by. Thanks hobbylinc for this kit, and thanks mpc and round2 for making this kit. This kit may be a tough build for those with less experience. But it would be great for gramps and grandson, or father and son. Maybe i should say the old and young to build together. 5 stars is possible with the right cables and less flash. But for the art work and the subject i would give 10 stars.

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  • MPC Product Number: PC914

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"Fiddly but interesting subject matter."
Fiddly but interesting subject matter. Decals for four different versions.

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