Godzilla Figure

This is the 1/144 scale Godzilla Figure plastic model celebrity figure kit from Polar Lights.

Polar-Lights Godzilla Figure Plastic Model Celebrity Figure Kit 1/144 Scale #956
 Polar Lights # pll956
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Spotlight Review

"The original 1954 Godzilla!"
This kit is just wonderful! Huge 16 inches tall ,highly detailed and very film accurate based on the first Godzilla from 1954. The diorama base is great with several crumbled buildings,including Japan's main government building called the Diet Building, train cars and a tank! The train cars can even be placed in Godzilla's hand and mouth!

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  • Polar-Lights Product Number: 956

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"Polar Lights Godzilla - the effort you spend on it depends on how you want it to look"
todd.obrien (Hurst Texas)
The title of this review seems pretty obvious and could be applied to almost any model. This model, however, I think is a special case. Were you to just glue it together and not paint it, it would probably be something worthy of letting your 8 year old play with it. There are massive seems throughout the whole thing which is the biggest problem. There are some fit problems as well - not as many of those. Once you fill the seems, you still have to work at it to make it look good. Otherwise, there are smooth spots or obvious indents. There is a lot of painting to be done as well. Set aside GZ for the moment, the base takes a lot of work if you want it to look good. If I had it to do again, I would paint the buildings before gluing them on the base. I had glued the buildings down first and while painting doable, it would have been easier to paint them separately. For GZ, I painted a primer coat and black base coat then painted the rest with brushes. I painted the street cars with the 50's era Tokyo subway car paint scheme. There are several pictures of the build on Hobbylinc

"Excellent for beginners"
Huge pieces and simple to make. Excellent choice for beginners and those who find small pieces hard to manage.

"A BIG Monster and a Big Plastic Model"
rkoenn (Brandon, FL)
I built this for a friend who loves the Godzilla flicks. It was probably the biggest figure kit I have ever done. I believe it was first produced some years back and this is a re-pop. The old technology is evident as someone else said too. The gaps between most of the appendage parts and the back fins are very bad. For the fins I liberally doused the joint area with liquid cement which flowed the plastic together fairly well. The appendage gaps I mixed of Apoxie sculpt and filled in the seams and then added creases to the Apoxie to simulate the rest of the skin area. It was a big job to paint and I started with a color that didn't look right. I did some Googling and found better pictures and went with the light black color and then airbrushed white on the fin tip areas. In the end it came out very nice and my friend was pleased. My recommendation would be if you have the shelf space and love Godzilla and don't mind spending more than normal effort it is a decent kit and definitely large. To just throw together though you should probably pass if you want it to turn out well.

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