Lacquer Spray Bronze 3 oz

This is a Can of Bronze One Coat Lacquer Paint from Testors.

Testors Lacquer Spray Bronze 3 oz Hobby and Model Lacquer Paint #1847m
 Testors # tes1847m
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Testors Item # tes1847m
Features :

Dries and can be recoated in about 20 minutes if more than one coat is desired Does not exceed 88% VOC by weight Instructions for use printed on the label.

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Spotlight Review

"Looks wild on a Wildcat"
Howie Dewing
Testors 1847 Bronze comes out somewhere between Harvest Gold and Burnished Saddle Poly, two Buick colors from 1970. It has a fairly aggressive metallic sheen that could stand a good 1000+ grit sanding before topcoating, although I like the out-of-the-can sparkle from this paint. Another great retro '70's color!

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Dries and can be recoated in about 20 minutes if more than one coat is desired Does not exceed 88% VOC by weight Instructions for use printed on the label.


Net Wt: 3oz (85g)

  • Testors Product Number: 1847M


One can of Bronze paint

Requirements & Suggestions

Eye, lung and skin protection

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"Just my experience - not a recommendation"
frankeva (Milwaukee, WI)
I was really curious about the new Testors claim that their Extreme Lacquers were a sealer, primer and paint, all in one application. If I could dispense with priming, that would save time and money. I airbrushed Testors Bronze on Revell's new Del Rio wagon, after having decanted it, and I was impressed at how beautiful and smooth it looked. Then, as I always do, I airbrushed Rustoleum's gloss clear lacquer over it, starting with a mist coat and finishing with a wet coat. The mist coat did not give any hint at the disaster that awaited. But after allowing a couple minutes for the mist coat to set up, I started the wet coat, and some kind of reaction started. I noticed one area where the paint seemed to be bubbling up, and other areas where the bronze seemed to be losing it's metallic look. I kept applying more wet coats in the hope that it would correct itself and start to look like glossy metallic. Unfortunately, the entire model started losing its metallic look and I was left with what could only be described as a metallic sludge. Needless to say, the whole thing went into an alcohol bath. So, it could be that Testors designed this product to only be compatible with their own one-coat lacquer finish, and if that's the case, my entire premise about saving money by eliminating a primer went right out the window. My chosen lacquer finish costs about $.50 per ounce, whereas the Testors product costs about $3 per ounce. Oh, and by the way, Extreme isn't a very good sealer, either. The roof of the model has a very distinctly flawed area, that Testors sealer did noting to hide.

"Ease of use"
wjvision (
Testors spray paints to me works really good. Reliable to the end.Even when there is only a few shots left in the can after sitting for a long time.

"I wish it looked more like the cap"
The Testors bronze lacquer was easy to use and covered quite well, however the flake is much too heavy and resulted in a grainy matte finish. I recommend it with those caveats.


Solvent based products cannot be shipped outside the Continental US.

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