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F50-6T 29/98 Blue Thunder Motor F Composite Model Rocket Engine
Product Number: ARO65006
Manufacturer: Aerotech
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This Package Contains One F50-6T Blue Thunder Single Use Composite Model Rocket Engine Designed by Aerotech. Adult Supervision is Recommended for Those Under 16 Years of Age.

Product Features
  • This single-use motor is intended to be used in single-stage rockets powered by a single motor.
  • Uses the exclusive Copperhead single lead igniter.
  • Certified by the National Association of Rocketry.
  • This motor provides a higher level of thrust than White Lightning or Black Jack motors of the same total impulse.
  • Blue Thunder is the perfect propellant for the greatest lift-off acceleration.
  • Blue Thunder propellant formulation: produces a bright violet-blue flame with a minimum of exhaust smoke.
  • The average thrust of the motor is 11.2 pounds (50 Newtons).
  • Time delay of 6 seconds between propellant burnout and the firing of the ejection charge.
  • The unique composite fuel used in this single-use motor is up to three times more powerful than conventional black-powder based hobby rocket motors.
  • Ignites by electrical means only.
  • Compact motor comes with directions and performance specifications.
  • Product warranty policies included.
Product Specifications
  • Motor Type: F-class
  • Motor Diameter: 1.13" (29mm)
  • Motor Weight: 2.9oz (83g)
  • Total Impulse: 80 Newtons
  • Maximum Lift-Off Weight: 20oz (567g)
  • Aerotech Product Number: 65006
What's Included
  • One F50-6T Single Use Composite Model Rocket Motor
  • One Copperhead Igniter
  • Copperhead Igniter Installation
  • Single Stage Rocket
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Manufacturer Comments
  • Motor is very hot after firing.
  • Store in a dry place where the temperature is between 45 degrees (F) and 100 degrees (F).
  • See directions for proper disposal method.
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