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Row Houses 3-Pack - Laser-Art Kit - N-Scale (3)
Product Number: BRL838
Manufacturer: Branchline Trains
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Product Features
  • Row Houses Bring Familiar Structures To N And S Scales
  • Based on New York prototypes but found across the continent, these row houses make it easy to create realistic residential neighborhoods in small spaces. The S Scale kit includes parts to build one complete house, but optional parts are included so the building can be customized. The N Scale kit is a three-pack. Entire neighborhoods of these homes were often constructed near large factories and mills, but each home had differences in trim and paint added by its occupants. These models feature unpainted laser-cut wood parts and a variety of details you can use to make each building look unique.
  • Row Houses
  • S Scale Single House (181-538)
  • N Scale Three-Pack (181-838)
Product Specifications
  • Branchline Product Number: 838
  • Walthers Product Number: 181-838
  • Walthers Catalog: 2014 N&Z, page 223
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