Plastic Weld 1oz

This is the 1oz bottle of Plastic Weld from Squadron Products.

Squadron Plastic Weld          1oz
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Features :
  • Excellent for styrene model kits and plastic sheets.
  • Applicator brush in handle.
  • Super fast drying formula.
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Spotlight Review

"Not useful for my application"
I was looking for a replacement for the Revell glue I know from Germany; a glue that literally welds plastic parts and creates a new bond that is insanely strong. This... well, I wouldn't really call it glue. It evaporates so quickly and is so thin that I thought I was sent a bottle of merely solvent and that this was a faulty batch. It apparently only works on one specific material, and resin - or polyurethane resin - is not it. I tried getting the info I needed about this product, and then ordered it, thinking I had found the right one. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, which is why I give it such a low rating. I find the name and description extremely misleading, so - whoever is looking for a glue to bond polyurethane resin parts for resin kits for example, use Krazy Glue. It's not great, but apparently the only glue that quickly bonds these parts, and that reasonably well.

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  • Excellent for styrene model kits and plastic sheets.
  • Applicator brush in handle.
  • Super fast drying formula.


  • Squadron Product Number: 9070


1oz (29ml) bottle of Plastic Weld

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"My Best"
This is my preferred cement. It has fast drying yet it has a couple seconds fitting. Tamiya dries so fast I have problems. This one is good for me. It does need a clamp around the bottle as in my image. This helps prevent spillage. Which is how I removed all lines from my cut mat

"My favorite liquid cement...ever"
JLM in WV (WV)
I've tried many different liquid cement brands and formulas....the only one I liked better was Weld-on #3 and I haven't seen it in 20 yrs It's awesome that HobbyLinc has Squadron liquid cement at prices CHEAPER than Squadrons Keep up the great work

"Very good cement"
vitali_tkachenka (Lawrenceville, GA)
It is very good cement from Squadron. Works fine, good applicator and pretty reasonable price.


Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. For contac flush with water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, do not induc vomiting. Give large quantities of water. Call physician or poiso control center..

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