Liquid Plastic Cement 1 oz

This is a 1oz Jar of Liquid Plastic Cement from Testors.

Testors Liquid Plastic Cement 1 oz Plastic Model Cement #3502
 Testors # tes3502
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Testors Item # tes3502
Specifications :
  • Net 1 fl oz (29.5ml)
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"Liquid Plastic Cement"
frankeva (Milwaukee, WI)
This cement is sparingly applied to 2 surfaces of plastic, with a brush or a drop-applicator, and it essentially welds them together, by partially dissolving the plastic; when it has cured, it's almost as if there was only one piece of plastic. I was happily surprised at how well it works, for a product that has been around seemingly ages. In addition to working well, it comes in a safety-capped bottle and provides a brush applicator. It's also a reasonably priced product in the 1 ounce bottle category.

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  • For polystyrene, acetate, plexiglas, lucite and most other plastics except vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, and phenolics..
  • Glass jar with a brush applicator in the lid..


  • Net 1 fl oz (29.5ml)


1oz of Liquid Plastic Cement.

Requirements & Suggestions

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"standard extra thin glue"
This stuff isn’t bad. It seems to be basically the same stuff as Tamiya extra thin glue (at least it smells the same). It also works just as well. It’s especially good for dry fitting two pieces together then applying a small amount to the seam. It will wick into the tiny little crack, and in about 20-40 seconds you’ll have a nice bond with little to no mess. The big differences between Testors and the Tamiya glues, is that you get about 1/3 less glue in the Testor’s bottle, the Testors bottle is taller making spills more likely, and it also has a much larger applicator brush making precision application quite a bit harder.

"Great for window glazing"
It's a great glue for attaching window glazing as it doesn't seem to fog them. I don't like it for normal glueing as it is so thin it seeps through any little opening and cause damage to the part. I use it for windows but I'll stick to Plastruct Plastic Weld for other plastics. I tried this because Hobbylinc was out of the Plastruct when I needed it.

"An old friend."
I'm getting back in to the hobby after a 25 year absence (raising kids, don't yah know), and I can't imagine building models without my testers glue. Does anyone besides me remember when it came in the square jar? I always remove the brush that comes with the bottle and use a fine paintbrush to apply the glue. The glue dries from the brush with no trace. Sometimes the bristles stick together a little, but a finger is all that's needed to break it up.


Not recommended for vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, and phenolics.

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