US Infantry Weapons Set

This is a Plastic Model Kit of the 1/35 Scale U.S. Infantry Weapons Set from Tamiya. This kit is for modelers age 10 and over.

Tamiya US Infantry Weapons Set Plastic Model Military Diorama Kit 1/35 Scale #35121
 Tamiya # tam35121
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Tamiya Item # tam35121
Specifications :

Scale: 1/35

  • Tamiya Product Number: 35121
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Spotlight Review

"Great Model Set!"
Jesus Loves You - John 3:16, Isaiah 53 (
Though the weapons in this set are small, the detail is wonderful. Gluing the larger machine guns to their tripods proved challenging, however. Also, something I did not know when I first bought the kit, was that the instructions provided were written only in Japanese (or Chinese, I'm not sure). Regardless, the illustrations on the instructions were not too hard to use. Overall,I still liked the kit very much. (Note: One must use the box cover as their painting guide.)

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  • Detailed plastic parts molded in silver and attached to sprue trees.
  • Partial list of weapons and accessories included
  • -2.36" rocket launcher (bazooka).
  • -2.36" rocket.
  • -.50 Cal mg belt.
  • -M2 receiver cover.
  • -.50 cal ammunition box.
  • -60 mm mortar M2.
  • -60 mm mortar round.
  • -57 mm recoilless rifle M18.
  • -Light weight gas mask.
  • -Magazine pouch for M1A1 SMG.
  • -U.S. M1 carbine.
  • -Colt .45 cal M1911A1 automatic.
  • -U.S. M3 SMG (grease gun).
  • -M2A1-7 portable flame thrower.
  • -Bar M1918A2 (Browning automatic rifle).
  • Box includes excellent illustrations of each kit part on both sides.


Scale: 1/35

  • Tamiya Product Number: 35121


One 1/35 Plastic U.S. Infantry Weapons Set

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Tamiya's US Infantry set is a great suppliment."
I love just how many types of guns are included in this set. Also getting two of each provides spares for future projects. Since the weapons are all 1/35 scale they complement not only infantry figures, but also many tank and other vehicle sets. However, like most other 1/35 scale infantry guns, these require a skilled and steady hand in painting (my hint - paint all guns on the spruces except those requiring assembly - paint these after gluing). This set is definitely worth the price.

"Beautiful Parts!"
J Bevill (Palm City, FL)
These are great quality with zero flash, and seam lines are almost non existent. You get double of everything, as there is twin identical sprues. I really liked the small black vinyl tubing they supply for the flame thrower so your figures can pose with the flame thrower held in any position. The stands for the larger guns are a little delicate when gluing together but Tamiya even built in a gluing jig into the sprue frame itself to assist in lining up the stand legs. Well thought out! A great asset to have on hand for any build or diorama. At an amazing price you can't afford to pass up! Definitely recommend!!

"Old moldings, old kit, lacks detail and finese."
When I bought this kit I thought I was going to get a modern, state-of-the-art Tamiya molding. Unfortunately when I opened the box I almost cringed. The detail was poor and really showed the age of the set - it was first molded in 1981. The detail, while there, was not crisp. The guns lacked many features that should've been present if this was a modern molded kit. In other words, the detail is very, very soft. The good things about this kit are the pistols, the M3 Grease Gun, the flame thrower and the 57mm recoilless rifle. They are molded rather well and would look nice when used. About the 57mm rifle, however, the sight/scope should be cut off and then mounted to the side and further forward. But it should still sit so the actual scope is above the rifle, it just mounts on the side. As it comes it sits on the top of the gun and too far back. Other than those pieces I would only use the rest for practice or for little bits and pieces that won't be noticed easily in a build.


  • NOTE: Please keep all small parts and sharp edges away from children ages 3 and under.
  • Care should be taken when using various tools, modeling knife, and paints.

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