Sopwith Camel

Build the "Sopwith Camel" British World War I Fighter with this 1" Scale Balsa Construction Kit from Guillow's. Scale Model For Adult Collector.

Guillows Sopwith Camel
 Guillows # gui801
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Guillows Item # gui801
Specifications :
  • Wingspan: 28" (71.12cm)
  • Scale: 1" = 1'-0"
  • Guillows Product Number: 801
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Spotlight Review

"An Agile Fighter"
Kid Maverick
I looked at my Sopwith Camel 1 F.1 balsa wood biplane, and I could imagine the legendary dual between Capt. Roy Brown and Manfred Von Richthofen. The weight of the pilot, guns, and engine positioned towards the front seven feet of the airframe helped give the Camel its great agility. The balsa kit represented the original very well with the front made up of a plastic Canadian pilot, Vickers machine guns, and rotary engine relief, topping the balsa and tissue-covered fuselage. Guillow's constructed the nimble WWI fighter with an excellently designed model. Most of the plastic, located within the first seven inches of the kit, came in a highly detailed molding that I cemented together and painted at the front of the aircraft. The model contained a rubber motor propeller, .049 free flight, and U-control installation option. I chose a plastic scale propeller provided because I built my Camel as a display event. The kit featured a flexible landing gear, moveable ailerons, and moveable tail surfaces. When finished, my Camel looked like it could dance across the sky and perform the acrobatic maneuvers of the original when introduced in 1917. The tissue canvas, wrapped around the solid balsa framework, gave me a painting canvas to work from to commemorate the distinguished Capt. Brown's aircraft color scheme. I decided to spray paint the entire fuselage and wings an olive drab. I managed to spray underneath the bottom wing white before I ran out of paint, leaving the bottom of the top wing olive drab. The pilot felt like an easy task to paint because of his large scale and detail. I painted the twin Vickers machine guns black over a brilliant red cowl and the hump which gave the Camel its name, silver, white, and black. The decal set from Capt. Brown's insignia and the British colors in its circles of blue, white, and red brought the kit together and looked great. I enjoyed assembling this aircraft because it felt like a smooth and easy build considering the detail involved. The main reason for the exceptional craftmanship resulted from the amount of molded plastic provided for the pilot, guns, and cowl/propeller, giving the aircraft a graceful and sharp look. My only concern about this magnificent machine appeared in the wing braces. I wish Guillow had made them out of a strong wooden material instead of the vinyl that they substituted. It would have given the kit a more authentic feel to the WWI aircraft if given the option to choose. In the hands of an experienced modeler, Guillow's Sopwith Camel felt like a dream to construct. The instructions directed my project thoroughly and concisely with plenty of schematic examples for assembly. When painted, the highly detailed molding made the aircraft a work of art. My Camel worked well in composite photographs for aerial combat scenes. This aircraft kit with its incredible 28 wingspan photographed well and looked EXCELLENT.

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  • Authentic scale airplane specifically designed for the U-Control circle or display event.
  • Contest quality.
  • Top grade materials!
  • The fuselage is large enough to take simple R/C equipment (no diagrams or instrucitons included or available).
  • Detailed scale propeller.
  • Flexible landing gear.
  • Twin machine guns and pilot figure.
  • Movable ailerons.
  • Movable tail surfaces.
  • Scale plastic wheels.
  • Detailed plastic cowl and cockpit deck.
  • Covering tissue.
  • Complete set of decals.
  • Can be flown with one of three different power sources
  • -Rubber Power (contents included)
  • -.049 Gas Engine (information only included)
  • -.049 to .15 U-Control (material included)
  • All bulding materials needed for U-Control installation, including a Guillow designed control handle.
  • Clay provided to balance the model.
  • Clear precise plans and step-by-step instructions.


  • Wingspan: 28" (71.12cm)
  • Scale: 1" = 1'-0"
  • Guillows Product Number: 801


One "Sopwith Camel" Airplane




Motors and radio equipment are not furnished in the kit.