German Leopard Medium Tank

This is the 1/35 Scale German Leopard Medium Tank Plastic Model Kit from Tamiya. For ages 10 and over.

Tamiya German Leopard Medium Tank Plastic Model Military Vehicle Kit 1/35 Scale #35064
 Tamiya # tam35064
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Tamiya Item # tam35064
Specifications :
  • Length: 7-1/4" (18.4cm) (body of tank without gun)
  • Width: 3-1/2" (9.1cm)
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Tamiya Product Number: 35064
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Spotlight Review

"Great kit for the price and age."
This kit is really quite amazing in my opinion, it's all in what you make of it when building and detailing. Very simple, straight forward instructions and assembly, especially considering the age of the molding it's stunning how it all just flies together into a very presentable vehicle. I do know of quite a few little mistakes with this one, things like the exhaust vents etc. only a rivet counter will really care at all. That is however my reason for 4/5 stars, Tamiya could easily update this mold to make a good kit into a great kit again! That said, if you're looking for a nice Leo to pass the time on the cheap you can't do much better than this kit around 20$ USD.

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  • Detailed plastic parts molded in olive drab and attached to sprues.
  • Includes one realistic figure - a commander.
  • Fully detailed, pliable, plastic track.
  • Formidable gun barrel and a machine gun carriage.
  • Made with a high regard of being shellproof.
  • Towing rope included.
  • Waterslide decals and wire mesh cemented inside of body.
  • Includes detailed and informative pictorial instructions.


  • Length: 7-1/4" (18.4cm) (body of tank without gun)
  • Width: 3-1/2" (9.1cm)
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Tamiya Product Number: 35064


  • One 1/35 German Kampfpanzer Leopard Medium Tank with One Commander
  • Figure.

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Fun kit with some slight drawbacks"
rockykeele (Tucson, AZ)
The German Leopard Medium Tank is an impressive kit representing a post WWII German tank. The kit has nice detail, including a molded rough surface on the hull. The kit includes all the accessories that Tamiya generously gives, including shovels, picks, saw, cables, etc. I was slightly dissapointed in the one figure(just the upper torso) that comes with this tank, as it seems slightly too small for the 1/35 scale. It includes a metal screen for the engine compartment that really looked nice on the completed model. The treads are the usual one piece rubber type, with good detail on both sides. I did not care for the rubber wheel plugs that attach the wheels to the suspension, however, as they leave unsightly gaps in the wheel assemblies. As with many Tamiya kits, this one does not offer the builder much to do with regards to the lower hull and suspension - it is all pre-molded as one piece. Even with these slight drawbacks, the kit turned out looking very nice, and it was a fun build.

"very nice older kit, good detail and easy to build"
This kit is one of the oldest ones the Tamiya line. It assembles easily with no major problems. The detail is not as sharp as the newer kits, but it includes pretty good features for it's age. It is a good beginners kit that will look good next to the newer releases from other companies. The tracks are the rubber band type that most glue won't stick to. You can follow the instructions and melt the posts to join the tracks. I also put a couple of staples across the join. To install the track, leave the drive sprockets off until you are ready to install the track. Place the track over all of the wheels, fit the drive sprocket into the track and press the sprocket into place on it's axle. That way you don't have to stretch the track to get it around all of the wheels and drive sprocket.

"Tamiya price and quality..."
This is a very easy build... Its actually probably the easiest one I’ve had yet and is very affordable. Being an older model it is not without out its flaws. It has the holes common with most of the older tamiya models which you can patch with putty unfortunately though unlike the other tamiya models though where you can ignore the holes on the bottom this one has some pretty big and obvious ones near the rear drive sprockets. I was also a little disappointed to find out the stowage racks lacked a bottom, I’m probably going to scratch build some before I paint it. I did find quite a few injection marks that were in places that they’d be visible but they aren’t in places that are super obvious... I’d also recommend keeping around reference material because some of the pictures aren’t very clear on the orientation for things like say the barrel evacuator. Some parts were a little warped and required clamping to get them to bond but that’s likely an individual thing with my kit and may or may not be an issue... oh if you are planning on building this hatch open I recommend insuring a good fit between the hatch and the turret before installing the commanders cupola. I ended up breaking the mounting peg off trying to get it to fit but I was building it hatch down anyway though so no big deal. All in all despite its shortcomings it’s still a great kit. It looks like it’s supposed too and has reasonably good detailing... at only $20 it is well worth the investment and is by far one of the easiest builds I’ve seen. The quality at this price point alone makes it worthwhile.


  • NOTE: Please keep all small parts and sharp edges away from children ages 3 and under.
  • Care should be taken when using various tools and modeling knife.
  • Paint recommended for use with this kit is for adults only.

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