German 8 Ton 1/2 Track Sd.Kfz.

This is the 1/35 Scale German 8 Ton 1/2 Track Sd.Kfz. Plastic Model Kit from Tamiya. Suitable for Age 14 & Older.

Tamiya German 8 Ton 1/2 Track Sd.Kfz. Plastic Model Military Vehicle Kit 1/35 Scale #35050
 Tamiya # tam35050
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Tamiya Item # tam35050
Specifications :

Scale: 1/35

  • Tamiya Product Number: 35050
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Spotlight Review

"Good classic Tamiya"
I built this model decades ago and after building it again, it renewed my appreciation for the Tamiya brand. This can be a centerpiece of a winter diorama. The AA gun mechanics are good,the figures are a fair compromise between too much action and total relaxation. The gunner and loaders look to be waiting for the enemy aircraft--they are nearby, perhaps having already attacked once. The number of pieces is satisfying for the casual hobbyist, and the one way fit cuts down on errors. The one exception to thoughtful connection points is the ill-fitting hood, which just doesn't sit right. You can cut off the tabs which attach to the frame, which is what the directions want you to do, but this still leaves an unsatisfying fit. Was the hood from a salvage yard? You can add filler, or leave a gap, but after all the good engineering, the hood is a prankster to an otherwise very satisfying build.

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  • Realistic rivet detailing.
  • Detailed drivers compartment.
  • Quadruple machine gun with movable gun barrels and base.
  • Includes five realistic figures wearing winter uniforms.
  • Flexible one-piece tracks.


Scale: 1/35

  • Tamiya Product Number: 35050


1/35 German 8 Ton 1/2 Track Sd.Kfz.

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Figures for an Anti tank Gun"
johncpo41 (www.hobbiesinabarn)
I recently built the separate AA 20mm FLAK Gun and found it to be superb in detailing. The barrels are very delicate so caution has to be used in construction. Now I am in the process of building the crew figures to adapt them to be used around the Tamiya 7.5cm AT Gun in a Winter setting along with a prime mover vehicle. The figures are straight forward as the pieces aren't complex at all and go together very well. As in the case I'm not modifying the figures at all as the poses are adaptable to a high degree of detail as though the firing position which is a Winter scene is receiving counter fire. The set of the figures was at one time sold separately and I had an opportunity to purchase two complete sets which will afford me a better diorama as some of the figures might be slightly modified and there will be extra personal gear and weapons as well. I would highly recommend the entire kit or the gun or figures.

Al (Mahopac. NY)
This German Track complete with crew and anti aircraft guns was a pleasure to build and once I gave it a coat of winter paint it seemed to come to life and fit right in with my other vehicles. A little tricky to get the parts to match but it was worth the effort. Tamiya does a great job making the track look authentic.

"Tamyia German 8 Ton 1/2 Track Sd.Kfz"
Fritz M
This plastic WWII half track model is incredibly detailed and realistic. It's versatility in real life allows this machine to be displayed in any environment portrayed in a diorama. For this price, I was amazed by the quality and detail of the build. The figures included add to the authenticity, and the option of having the sides up or down while being able to chose the direction the guns point allows this kit to adapt to any diorama scene it is placed. Even by itself, this halftrack looks great.


A finished size for this model is not supplied by the manufacturer.

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