Mig23 Flogger Fighter

This is a 1/144 scale Mig23 Flogger Fighter plastic model airplane from Academy Plastics.

Academy Mig23 Flogger Fighter Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/144 Scale #4440
 Academy Plastics # acy4440
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Academy Plastics Item # acy4440
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awesome kit fully loaded with details.

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  • Academy Product Number: 4440

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"Nothing special"
This kit is nice and easy to assemble, though it has its difficulties. The lower fin, for instance, needs to be cut down to allow the aircraft to rest on its landing gear. If you wish to display a model of the Mig-23 other than the Mig-23 MF, you’ll need to cut down the front landing gear. This is due to the later variants of the Flogger having a more level stance. The armament options are superb with both short and long range air-to-air missiles as well as two bombs. Be extremely careful with the short range AAMs though as one of mine broke as it was cut off of the sprue. The wings are able to be swept at the modeler’s discretion due to the intuitive wing design. Adding nose weight is always recommended with tricycle landing gear aircraft, even though this particular model rests on its rear end I still suggest adding ample nose weight in the cavity below the wings. The cockpit assembly is interesting as it comes in two halves and is attached to the rest of the fuselage slightly forward of where the air intakes are located. Zero cockpit detail whatsoever, it’s merely a flat section that is to be painted Soviet interior blue and covered by the canopy. Overall a decent kit, highly recommended if you’re attempting something new, looking for something cheap and easy, or filling out shelf space with an interesting piece.

"Not bad. What do you expect for under 5 bucks."
This model is satisfactory if not highly detailed. The variable geometry wings are novel and nice. The weapons pylons and rockets are a tad clumsy. However, for the price, it's a fairly nice little kit to fill a small amount of shelf space. I also just realized that, in this scale, this tiny plane would fit great into modern, miniature, military, tabletop gaming.

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