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This is the Academy SPAD XIII WWI Fighter 1/72 scale plastic model airplane kit.

Academy SPAD XIII WWI RAF Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/72 Scale #12446
 Academy Plastics # acy12446
Retail $6.25  SAVE 23% !
Academy Plastics Item # acy12446
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1/72
  • Length: 3" (7.6cm)
  • Width: 4-1/4" (10.7cm)
  • Height: 1" (2.5cm)
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Spotlight Review

"Not a bad introduction to biplanes. Not great either."
dpenn89 (Jersey Shore, NJ)
This is hardly the best SPAD kit on the market (If you're looking for a high level of detail, buy the superb Eduard kit), but it is adequate if you're looking for a relatively straightforward biplane build. Detail is limited, with no cockpit interior, and vague bazooka-like shapes instead of the front machine guns. However, some of the surface detail is reasonably crisp, and the fit of most parts is good. The struts fit into large grooves on the wings, so alignment is easier. One word of advice: attach all of the struts to the bottom wing and fuselage first, instead of the top wing, and you will get a better fit. Decals are OK, not as thick as some other Academy releases. There is no marking information provided, but the aircraft appears to be from an American volunteer unit fighting for France on the Western front (not the RAF). Therefore, you would need 5 colors to paint the French camouflage: a dark green, a pale green, dark/chocolate brown, tan/beige, and a light blue (I used RLM 78 for the undersides). The SPAD kit is better than the ancient Revell release (which is horribly off in terms of dimensions), but much less detailed than the Eduard version. Considering the Eduard release costs more than 3x as much, the Academy is not a bad buy. I used mine to learn rigging and how to paint faux woodgrain. For $4, it was worth it.

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  • Plastic pieces attached to sprues and molded in grey..
  • The exterior surface of the plane is detailed with metal seams, bol heads, and various other minute details..
  • Accurately reproduced biplane construction..
  • Dual Vickers machine guns mount atop the fuselage..
  • Realistic landing gear affix to the bottom of the craft..
  • Detailed pictorial instructions guide you through assembly..


  • Scale: 1/72
  • Length: 3" (7.6cm)
  • Width: 4-1/4" (10.7cm)
  • Height: 1" (2.5cm)


One 1/72 Plastic SPAD XIII WWI Fighter

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Take your time."
I got this little plane because the price was right and the connection to Eddie Rickenbacker. I enjoyed putting it together and painting it and was surprised by how sturdy it felt once assembled. Take your time, run the rigging cable and you will be pleased. It is one of my favorites.

"I was expecting abit more of an easy build then this."
Anthony Faulds (West Mifflin, PA)
I recently did a Stopwith Camel , it did have some problems with the decals really not wanting to stick on plus the clear line. But other wise the Stopwith Camel was a decent model. When I was first making the model their were gaps, by the engine and were the machine guns would go on. The Wooden spars were the worst to get on the middle and farthest to the cockpit were easy to get on but the ones in the center didn't even fit in size sadly which that was a problem. The wings were hard to get on. As I said about the decals they had a clear yet visible line. When I was trying to get them on they weren't even sticking due to the surface of the model being metallic like parts (By that the structure of them) I wouldn't recommend this to beginner models but if you are more of an experienced model maker I would. Furthermore the price wasn't that bad but for it being difficult abit Its a good price though.

Brad (New Mexico)
In my opinion one of the most handsome fighters of WWI. I also really like the association to American Ace Frank Luke jr. who shot down 18 balloons or planes in 17 days in his service in the skies over Europe. Crash landing he refused to be captured and shot it out with the enemy being mortally wounded. This 20+ piecer is simple and easy. It goes together without any fuss and I thought looked great on completion.


The French built SPAD XIII was one of the most famous fighters of World War I. The SPAD used a liquid-cooled inline engine when most aircraft were equipped with rotary engines. A powerful and efficient craft, the SPAD was used for many years. Armed with one or two Vickers 7.65 mm machine guns firing through the propeller arc or a deadly 37mm Hotchkiss cannon, the SPAD was widely feared.


  • One Decal Sheet with Markings for One Aircraft
  • 1: United States SPAD XIII - France
  • Airframe and Detail Colors: Red, White, Green, Light Green, Silver, Steel


  • Keep small parts and sharp edges away from children..
  • Care should be taken when using tools and modeling knives..
  • Modeling paint should only be used by an adult in a well-ventilate area..

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