1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible 2T

This is the 1/25 Scale 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible 2T Plastic Model Car Kit from AMT.

AMT 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible 2T Plastic Model Car Kit 1/25 Scale #1137
 AMT/ERTL # amt1137
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AMT/ERTL Item # amt1137
Specifications :
  • AMT Product Number: 1137
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Spotlight Review

"The model is okay, but that’s about as far as I’ll go"
roblively1982 (Cantonment, Florida)
Molded in white, this model does show some age, but overall it’s kind of nice. The built model is nice, but there is no complete top, just a boot. The engine is nice with some extras. The front wheels are posable, and the underside is pretty nice with nice attachment points for the wheels. The fit of the body to the frame is okay, but if you glue it all the way down, the hood won’t fit properly. The hood is kind of wonky anyway. The decal sheet is full of variety, but clear parts of the printed decals are so large, you really have to trim them before you put them in water. Plus, the “Plymouth” name plates are so light, they won’t work on light-colored paint. The reflector decals are okay, but again, the amount of clear on the edges forced me to use a lot of Microsol to get them to settle. Panel lines are nice and deep. The underside (frame) was warped, so I wound up with three wheels on the ground. The windshield was crystal clear and VERY thick, plus it left itself exposed between the visors. Tires were pad printed in red, but were no name (sad). The biggest disappointment was all mirrors were worthless. The windshield mirror had knock-outs that ruined the mirror itself, and the exterior mirrors had so much flash, cleaning them ruined the chrome coating. The car does look nice, and with careful painting of the wooden paneling and dash, the interior looks nice. I also scratched all window handles with wire and chromed out the interior just like the actual vehicle. But there is no option other than a folded top boot. The model is okay, but that’s about as far as I’ll go.

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-1/25 scale, skill 2, paint and cement required

-modern era tooling with exquisite detail

-molded in white

-pre-decorated red line tires

-two wheel options

-multiple engine intake options

-accurate and authentic decals

-Vintage 1969-style AMT packaging


  • AMT Product Number: 1137


One Plastic Model

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Very well made kit"
no.1silverback (Mesa Az)
A very nice model all the way around. Nicely made parts that fit together well as and pretty nicely detailed. It would have been nice to get an up top for it but not that big a deal.

"Must have!!"
I have nothing negative to say about this kit. My only problem was trying to figure out the color combination. I went with the stand by blue body with white interior and glad I did.. Kit goes together extremely well with very little issues. Decal sheet was loaded with options and plenty left over for other builds, which is always nice. Will make a great addition to your collection.

"Fun with all the detail possibilities"
Just finished the '69 GTX convertible and posted Pics. This was one of the most enjoyable builds. A lot of good detail, not much flash, good fit and lot of optional parts and choices. Since I couldn't use all the parts in the kit, it added to my parts bin. An optional convertible top would have been great to include with the kit, but there is enough detail to make a nice display. I especially like convertible models because I get to do some research, then try to build the model as accurate as I can. This is another great AMT kit.