PNC-60A Model Rocket Plastic Nose Cone (3)

This package contains 3 white nose cones. Each nose cone has eyelets for shock cord and shroud line attachments. These are 1 piece nose cones that fits BT-60 body tubes.

Estes PNC-60A Model Rocket Plastic Nose Cone (3) Fits BT-60 Body Tube #303165
 Estes Rockets # est303165
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Estes Rockets Item # est303165
Specifications :
  • Estes Product Number: 303165
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"Great Selection + Nozzles/ Transitions and More"
I like the variety of different shapes of nose cones, Estes has selected, in this 3 pack. However, I will be using PNC-60NA nose cone as a tail cone/boat tail for a modified Estes Jetliner, since it flies like a turd, on only 1- 13mm motor and an 18mm motor up power. PNC-60NA can also be used as a 18mm powered V-2 nose cone/tail cone, but you will need 2 packs of PNC-60A. If all goes well, with tail cone mod, I have a Jumbo Jet upscaled and up powered to a 24mm motor planned. I mentioned in another review and it will look like an Double Decker Airbus Jumbo in flight. Wish me luck!

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  • Nose cone has eyelet for shock cord (ESTT2278) and shroud line attachments
  • Fits BT-60 body tubes (ESTT3089)


  • Estes Product Number: 303165


  • Three NC-60A nose cones

Requirements & Suggestions

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"PNC-60MS and PNC-60NA"
wallyum (Ft. Thomas, KY)
The PNC-60MS is the current Baby Bertha/Big Bertha cone, the modern equivalent of the PNC-60L, which can be used to clone any of the original Goonybirds, Dragon Ship 7, Maxi Streak, Mini Shuttle, and the Rascal. The PNC-60NA is the current Loadstar/Patriot cone, and has been used in the past for the Stormcaster, Warp II, Transtar Carrier and Bail Out.

"Great Nose Cones!"
These nose cones are excellent for any low to mid powered rocket. They are decent sized, and will fit your standard Estes BT-60 body tubes. They can take a beating like you would expect a plastic nose cone to take, and have a nice finish. My only complaint would be that you must buy 4, instead of being able to order 1 at a time. You get 2 large, long black nose cones, while two, short white nose cones. Overall, these are a great product, but I would like to see the option to single order them for future builds.

"Light and long and light with no molding flaws - 8 to 5 inches long"
These are quite strong but very light for the large, long size. Well-molded with no flaws on the surface.The wall of the shortest one is thicker than the longer ones, so they weigh in at 1 ounce each. When inserted in a BT-60 Tube: The exposed portion of the cone with the most pointed nose is 8 7/16 long (214 mm) The exposed portion of the cone with the blunted nose is 5 4/16 long (133 mm) The exposed portion of the other cone is 8 1/16 long (206 mm)


Contents may vary in shape and color at Estes' discretion.

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