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Model Rocket Builders Marking Guide

The Body Tube Marking Guide is an easy way to mark model rocket fin and launch lug placement lines. Fits all current Estes body tubes. Marks 3 fin and 4 fin configurations. Also includes a fin gluing jig.

Estes Model Rocket Builders Marking Guide #302227
 Estes Rockets # est302227
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Estes Rockets Item # est302227
Specifications :
  • Estes Product Number: 302227
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Spotlight Review

"A Must-Have tool for all Estes Rocket builders"
jayjuice7 (Arlington, TX)
I've been away from model rocketry for many years. It was always a challenge to get fins spaced right and straight. I've used the door frame for years. Pencil marks all over the wall and not being sure the door frame is even straight. This is an awesome tool. It is easy to use and does a bunch cool things for the rocket builder. Many who review it say it is a must for builders of custom rockets. I say yes it is a necessity for that but it is needed for ALL rocket building; kits, modifications and customs. It is a no-brainer...get one now before you start on your next rocket!

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  • Easy way to mark fin and launch lug placement lines
  • Fin gluing jig included
  • Mark reference lines down or around any body tube


  • Estes Product Number: 302227


  • 1 tube marking guide
  • 2 fin marking tools for most Estes body tubes

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"Excellent for marking tubes"
Easy to use and accurate. Simplifies measuring and marking tubes for proper alignment and placement of lugs, fins, tube-to tube configurations, etc. Way easier than trying to wrap paper around a tube to mark it for fin placement, or to use the door-jam method for straight lines. The pencil marking guide to mark around the circumference of the tube is great for setting up a cut line, or other accessory placement.

"Great for marking larger body tubes, too!"
For building low-power (Estes/Quest-type) rockets, this is an indispensable tool. It allows you to quickly and accurately mark body tubes for things like launch lug placement (where you want a straight line!), fin location and alignment and even finish work such as paint stripes. I've also used it a number of times to mark much larger (up to 4 diameter) body tubes. Another trick you can take to the bank for larger rockets: Lay the fin location guide (the one that the vertical body tube is attached to in the product image here at Hobbylinc) down on a sheet of paper and mark dots around the outside for your fin pattern -- either 3 or 4 fins. For four-fin design, you can use a straight edge to connect the opposing dots to have a big 90-degree plus on a sheet of paper. Then you can stand your large body tube over it (you can look down the body tube to get an indication that the body tube is centered), and mark the body tube fin locations. THEN, you can take the marking guide itself to pencil in the lengths down the tube. Simple idea/tool, but lots of uses, and definitely worth the price!

"Great quality, excellent price"
This is extremely helpful in building. If you want a more sure way than your door frame, this is it.

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