Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G Early Tank

This is a plastic model kit of the 1/35 Scale WWII German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G Fruhe Version Tank from Tamiya.

Tamiya Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G Early Tank Plastic Model Military Vehicle Kit 1/35 Scale #35197
 Tamiya # tam35197
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Tamiya Item # tam35197
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Length: 6" (15cm)
  • Width: 3-1/4" (8.4cm)
  • Tamiya Product Number: 35197
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Spotlight Review

"solid little stug"
Justen Oldtool (Oxford Mich)
Love my Stug. Had a beautiful detailed T-xf 60(dark yellow) finish which I just winterized. Build/finish/tweak/detail/change seasons/does it ever really end?

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  • Detailed assembly and painting instructions included.
  • Designation: Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G (SD.Kfz.142/1) Fruhe Version.
  • WWII German assault gun used for infantry support.
  • Highly detailed 1/35th scale plastic kit for static display.
  • Over 220 parts in tan plastic with rubber tracks.
  • Set of 2 crew figures including commander, loader and dog.
  • Separate suspension arms for road wheels.
  • External details: towing cables, shovels, hammers, axe, spare track links, wheels, smoke dischargers, shackles, and a gun cleaning rod.
  • Optional position hatches.
  • Optional guns: 105mm for type 142; 75mm for type 141.


  • Scale: 1/35
  • Length: 6" (15cm)
  • Width: 3-1/4" (8.4cm)
  • Tamiya Product Number: 35197


One 1/35 WWII German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. G Fruhe Version Tank

Requirements & Suggestions

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"The puppy on the tank"
This tank kit was a pleasure to assemble. All the pieces fit well and looked real. I really liked the plastic tank track, much easier to use then all the little track pieces that have to be glued together( I have tried to assemble the links and they are not a lot of fun). I was especially happy with the figures and that one had a puppy in his arms and the other was feeding him. They look so life like. It makes you think that in between all the fighting there was time to relax and enjoy some down time. I am making a diorama of a tank repair unit with a maintenance area and a tent with a radio operator and this will go perfectly in the repair yard. The only bad thing and maybe I made a mistake in assembly but I can not make the gun barrel stay up it keeps drooping down, but then maybe this is a good thing for the repair area.

"Easy kit, good detail, you'll like it."
This model comes with side armor that you can put on or leave off. It also has a human side with a crew of two with the gunner having a pet dog. You can build two different eras and paint schemes, and add or leave off details as you wish. In short, this is YOUR OWN model to do with as you want, you don't have to follow exact paint schemes as there were so many StuG's made, nobody can possibly know if you are right or not. When people think of German armor, they think tanks, but the the assault gun was more common than the tanks and this model fits right in with mid-war production.

"Another outstanding product from Tamiya highly recommend this it even has optional side skirts. Just another excellent model."
This was kind of a cool model. It gives you an option of using the side skirts or not. I chose to use them but however they do not fit on like other model side skirts the support brackets for the sides do not go underneath the upper Hall they sit on top as you can see from the pictures. Hardly any flashing except for the figures which is normal. Very easy build and yes you can use the machine gun in place with the loader sitting there. By the way this was a very fun build and it didn't take too long 3 days. Well worth the money.


  • Markings provided for 3 vehicles: 2 with 75mm gun and 1 with 105mm
  • gun
  • 1: 75mm; 303rd StuG Brg. Norway 1943 - Overall Panzer Dark Yellow.
  • 2: 75mm; 237th StuG Brg. Russia 1943 - Dk Yellow with Red Brown camo
  • stripes.
  • 3: 105mm; Italy 1944 - Overall Panzer Dk Yellow.
  • Additional paints Required
  • Flat: Black, White, Flesh, Khaki, Metallic Grey, German Grey, Field
  • Grey.
  • Gloss: Gun Metal, Silver, Semi-gloss Black.

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