M3A1 Stuart Light Tank

This is a 1:35 M3A1 Stuart Light Tank Plastic Model Kit from Academy.:

One decal sheet with markings for five different tanks: 1: U.S. Army, 3rd Platoon, Company C, 1st Armoured Battalion, 1st Amoured Division, Tunisia, Dec. 1942. 2: Painintheass, USMC, 3rd Marine Tank Battalion, Bouganville, Nov. 1943. 3: The Pay Off, USMC, 3rd Marine Tank Battalion, Bouganville, Nov. 1943. 4: Soviet Army, Unit and Location unidentified, 1943. 5: Soviet Army, Unit unidentified, Woronez, Summer 1942.:

Academy M3A1 Stuart Light Tank Plastic Model Military Vehicle Kit 1/35 #13269
 Academy Plastics # acy13269
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Academy Plastics Item # acy13269
Specifications :
  • Academy Product Number: 13269
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Spotlight Review

"Academy M3A1 Stuart"
BSK (Nashville, TN)
This was my first Academy model kit. I've only constructed Tamiya models in the past. I give kudos to Academy for including all of the interior components for the tank, even when most won't show from the outside. I felt that Academy parts come off the sprue more easily and cleanly than Tamiya. This kit also includes many parts that can be used to create different production models of the tank, although I wish the instructions had detailed these options. My only complaint would be that this build required many small parts that had to be attached flat surface to flat surface, unlike Tamiya kits that almost always have a peg-and-hole attachment system. Over all, I would recommend this kit for its attention to detail, opportunity to add optional items, and parts that all fit without modification.

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The General Stuart M3 light tank was considered one of the best light tanks of World War II. Thoroughly reliable, quick and maneuverable, with longer range, it was well liked by its crew. The M3A1s were produced by the American Car Foundry between May 1942 and February 1943.:


  • Academy Product Number: 13269


One M3A1 Stuart Light Tank Plastic Model Kit.:

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Assembly:
  • Cement:
  • Hobby Knife or Sprue Cutter:
  • Tweezers:
  • Paint: Flat White, Flat Black, Gunmetal, Silver, Gold, Red, Flat Yellow, Light Brown, Olive Drab, Khaki.
  • Flathead Screwdriver
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"M3A1 Stuart"
Found this to be an incredible kit. The ease of assembly makes this kit open to pretty much everyone. While the detail mimics a kit costing a lot more. I really liked the individual track link option. With very little research and a fair amount of aftermarket decals. This kit builds up into an awesome Stuart. Anyone remember the old G.I. Combat comic book The Haunted Tank

"Great Model"
Heather M
This model is great for the price. No issues with missing pieces and everything fit together very well.

"Great kit"
BlucherFamily (Overland Park, KS)
First off let me say I love Academy kit's. So far every one I have built has been of the highest quality and of exceptional detail. I often think of them as Tamiya (another great model producer) on steroids. This kit is no exception and I truly wish that every manufacturer would go to the extra effort that Academy has in this kit. All the parts come off the sprues cleanly and fit together nicely. An example of this nice fit is the 3 part hull, the back and top pieces fit like a glove land in a logical fashion that leave no evidence of any a seams. If you build this kit yourself you will love that feature. The detail on this kit is absolutely amazing with enough attention paid to the interior of the tank that it does not need replacing with after market parts. The only thing missing is an engine, and the forward transmission assembly which are not likely to be seen where they are located anyway. The one thing that is a little difficult (fiddly) to assemble are the individual like tracks, this is because they mimic (as best they can given the scale) the assembly of the real tracks. I like the attention to detail here as if you have ever change links in a real tank's tracks then you know that is fiddly and awkward to do also. All in all this is a superb kit that you will enjoy building and when have finished it, then you will love the results of your efforts.

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