A8-3 Rocket Engines (24)

This is a 24 bulk pack of Estes A8-3 model rocket engines. Includes 24 engines, 30 igniters, and recovery wadding.

Estes A8-3 Rocket Engines (24) Model Rocket Engine Bulk Pack #1781
 Estes Rockets # est1781
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Estes Rockets Item # est1781
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Spotlight Review

"Great student pack"
We recently ordered this engine bulk pack to go with the Alpha educator pack for our scout troop. I have been flying rockets for years and you cannot go wrong with the Estes engines. If you are looking for a couple flights per young person - these bulk packs are the way to go. Comes with all of the ingniters and recovery wadding needed for 24 flights. Estes engines are extremely reliable and the A8-3 is a great first engine because it offers low altitude flights and easy recovery. Highly recommended.

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  • Length: 2 3/4"
  • Diameter: 3/4"
  • Estes Product Number: 1781


Requirements & Suggestions

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"Buy this bulk set!"
What's not to love? Nearly all low power rockets (LPR) suggest an A8-3 for initial, shake-down flights - so you know you are going to need a large number of them if you have any sizeable quantity in your fleet. Plus, the kit comes with the ignitors and plenty of wadding for your flights as well. Nothing is worse than being on the rocket launch line and realizing you don't have any more motors. Buying in bulk saves $$$ too! Thanks Hobbylinc!

"A great value for teaching!"
rmstechlab (Evans, GA)
First of all, let me tell you that you won't find a better value than this bulk pack here at Hobbylinc; if you're looking for the best price, you've found it. I've used these A8-3 motors for launching student-built Viking rocket models for several years now. With school budgets getting tighter each year, it's good to know that I can come here for these supplies without having to sacrifice in other areas of my program. As far as the motors themselves are concerned, you can expect the usual Estes quality. I can't remember ever getting a dud in well over 1000 launches. The only thing I've ever had trouble with is a rare faulty igniter here and there, but this isn't really a problem since the package includes plenty of extras. Of course, A8-3 motors aren't the most powerful, but this fits my needs nicely. Since I launch several rockets at a time, I find the lower altitude makes it easier to manage the process; I can launch in a smaller area and recovery is much easier. Of course, the Viking rocket is pretty small, so even an A8-3 will result in a satisfactory launch height; anything more would be overkill. One of my favorite features of this pack has nothing to do with the actual motors, but with the packaging itself. In the past I've purchased motors in bulk only to receive several retail packages of 3. It's a minor complaint, but opening and preparing several of these packages can be a real pain, especially if you're trying to do it in a rush. This bulk pack is much easier to deal with as all the engines are in one box. In short, this is a great package with everything you'll need to get your rockets in the air; even better, it's the best value you can find. Buy it!

"Great for group launches"
I've used Estes A8-3 engines in rocket launches with my local Boys & Girls clubs. They are a great value and include 24 engines, 30 igniters, a package of wadding, and 24 plugs to hold the igniters in the engines. These motors are the same size as standard B and C motors, so you can launch with motors of different power and demonstrate the difference on rocket height, or use different models to demonstrate the variation in altitude with different rocket masses. Combine these engines with a bulk pack of Viking or Wizard rockets and your group will have a great time building and launching rockets. These engines are reliable. Hobby Linc has a great price on the engines, you will be hard pressed to find a better retail price. The pack also includes instructions for use of the engines. One warning, make sure the electrical leads are not touching before trying to launch the rocket, because a short will prevent the igniter from functioning properly.


  • WARNING: Model rocket motors are flammable. Please use caution.
  • Must be 14 to purchase in CA and NJ.
  • Do not burn engines.
  • Soak in water to destroy.

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