Taser Model Rocket Starter Set

This is the E2X Series Taser Flying Model Rocket Launch Set by Estes. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older w/Adult Supervision.

Estes Taser Model Rocket Starter Set Easy To Assemble #1491
 Estes Rockets # est1491
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Estes Rockets Item # est1491
Specifications :
  • Length: 16.5" (41.9cm)
  • Diameter: .98" (25mm)
  • Weight: 1.5oz (42.5g)
  • Recovery: 12" Parachute
  • Max Altitude: 1100ft (335m)
  • Estes Product Number: 1491
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Spotlight Review

"Good starter set, but watch the launch rod."
Kolvir (Iowa)
This is an good starter set and well worth the extra cost over a launch kit without the rocket. The Taser rocket is quite easy to assemble, with the only slightly tricky part being the alignment of the fins. They are plastic and pretty forgiving, no sanding required. After the base is glued together the fins fit in slots on the base where they must be held until set. Two of the four slots on my kit held the fins fast with little help needed, the other two were where the halves of the base was glued and were slightly bigger slots that allowed for more wiggle room and required some adjustment to make sure they were lined up correctly. It isn't as big of a deal as I am making it, just something to keep an eye on if your kit is a little loose there too. The decals were self stick and easily applied. The rocket flew well. The launch pad is highly portable with all parts except the rod able to fit in a small tackle box. Works as advertised with one exception - the rod. This isn't my first launch kit, but I could not get the included launch rod useable. I followed all of the directions on its assembly and the joint in the middle had such large overhang, for lack of a better word, on both sides that it made it unusable. I think the roll pin that holds the two pieced together was put in incorrectly. I bought a 3' one piece brass rod at a local hardware store and was good to go. You might want to be sure your rod assembles correctly and/or have a spare handy before planning a launch day.

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  • An easy to assemble model rocket built with a cardboard body tube, plastic cone, and fins.
  • The new 3-fin design allows Taser to fly as high as 1000 feet into the air.
  • Descends safely to earth via a colorful pre-assembled parachute.
  • Full one year warranty.
  • Illustrated assembly guide and detailed launching instructions.


  • Length: 16.5" (41.9cm)
  • Diameter: .98" (25mm)
  • Weight: 1.5oz (42.5g)
  • Recovery: 12" Parachute
  • Max Altitude: 1100ft (335m)
  • Estes Product Number: 1491


  • One model rocket 12" parachute
  • One launch pad Safety cap with streamer
  • One launch controller Instructions, safety code & warranty

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"Taser is a good starter set"
I bought this starter set for my son when he turned 5. I wanted to get him involved early in rocketry to see if he'd have an interest in this great hobby. The kit went together as advertised. No issues in assembly at all and the launch pad and controller worked perfectly. Unfortunately, I launched this rocket on a C motor the first time out and after the chute deployed it drifted about 1000 ft to the south and got lodged at the top of a huge sycamore tree. 3 months later the carcass was found at the base of the tree, sans nose cone, parachute and one fin. The launch went great up to that point Two years later my son has requested this rocket again so I will be buying it again soon. This time around we'll make sure we have adequate clearance and no wind before we launch the Taser.

"Estes Taser Starter Set is a real starter set"
My brother bought this set and is satisfied, but I recommend purchasing the Estes 13mm to 18mm motor adapter and then the Estes Taser can be launched with an A10-3T, or for very small launch areas 1/2A3-2T. Better to under power your Estes Taser and launch again, than over power and lose it on the first launch and is an easy to spot rocket at deployment.


  • This rocket has been designed specifically for use only with Estes products. Use of this product with any other brand-name rocket product containing any defect or causing any damage may void the _.
  • Estes warranty..

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