OS2U Kingfisher

This is the 1/32 Scale OS2U Kingfisher Plastic Model Airplane Kit by Kitty Hawk Models.

KittyHawk OS2U Kingfisher Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/32 Scale #32016
 Kitty Hawk Models # kty32016
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Kitty Hawk Models Item # kty32016
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Spotlight Review

"OS2U Kingfisher -- Plastic Model Airplane Kit -- 1/32 Scale Review"
Alex Biever
This 1/32 scale kit is from either an American, Chinese, or Japanese model company called Kitty Hawk Model. I have never heard of this company before and their website: www.kittyhawkmodel.com no longer exists yet somehow they have a Facebook page online. But lets get to the pros of this kit and they include: six different paint schemes with beautiful illustrations along with different angles of the plane itself The one Ive chosen is OS2U-1, VO-1 aboard USS Arizona (BB39) 1941. The next four versions are as follows; OS2U-3 Kingfisher, Naval Air Station Corpus. 1942, OS2U-1, VO-1 aboard USS Pennsylvania (BB38) 1940, OS2U-3 US Navy, 1941, OS2U FN678/FN768? Served in No. 765 Squadron Royal Air Force, Sandbanks. 1943, and OS2U-3 served in Soviet Union, base on ex-Italian light cruiser Milwaukee. 1944. The instruction booklet is well detailed and when you open the box, it has a wonderful presentation unlike any kit Ive seen with a little brown box to hold your clear plastic pieces The coloring of the paint is for the most part well done. The decals are nice and colorful as well as for the most part easy to take off. The cons of this kit are as follows: The national insignias on the four American versions are wrong. The OS2U-3 Kingfisher, Naval Air Station Corpus. 1942 version which is on the cover clearly has the attack on Pearl Harbor which took place on Sunday December 7, 1941 By mid-1942 the so called Meatball which has a red dot in front of the star, was removed to avoid confusion with the Japanese national insignia. The OS2U-1, VO-1 aboard USS Arizona (BB39) 1941 version and the OS2U-1, VO-1 aboard USS Pennsylvania (BB38) 1940 are the complete opposite What it means is that the red dot in front of the star, was removed, by 1940-1941 the red dot would still be on the star. OS2U-3 US Navy, 1941 version which clearly has the national insignia the Americans wouldve used in 1944 not 1941 It had a white bar on each side of the star. I found out the kit had forgotten some small support pieces which according to the instructions you are supposed to use while building the aircraft. The engine was too big for the cowling. The photo-etched pieces youre supposed to use for the seat belts were very thin and too small to work with so I did not use them. The big float with little wheels on each end simply would not stay level until after several modifications. The pullback windows also needed to be modified to fit as well. My final issue is that the two think black decals ripped apart with little force; so I had to use some black paint to remedy the problem. For these reasons, I give at rating of 2.5-3 stars out of five. For you beginners out there, I highly suggest that you dont even think about putting this plane together without a few more years of modeling experience under your belt. For you semi-pro or professional modelers out there, good luck putting this kit together, youre going to need it. As for you people of Kitty Hawk Model, youll have to do better this if you want to be in the same group as Revell and Airfix.

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  • KittyHawk Product Number: 32016

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