TBD1 Devastator VT8 Midway Fighter

This is the Lion-Roar 1/48 scale TBD1 Devastator VT8 Midway Fighter plastic model aircraft kit.

Lion-Roar TBD1 Devastator VT8 Midway Fighter Plastic Model Aircraft Kit 1/48 Scale #4807
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Spotlight Review

"Good Kit"
Good kit, very nice cockpit. Overall good quality and detail. Only downside to me is the gaps around the folding wing joints, but acceptable.

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"Building the Monogram Issue"
johncpo41 (www.hobbiesinabarn)
I am writing this review as the Monogram/Revell model of the historic aircraft appeared years ago and fills a large void in the scale models of famous aircraft. I started the older issued kit and noted the high quality in fit and detailing for the age of the kit which dates back at least thirty years. The first step was to prepare and inspect the parts as they came on the sprues with some loose in the box. After completing the preparations for painting by buffing the plastic with a plain scouring pad to let paint stick better I started construction staying with the instruction sheet. The detailing is very good for the age of the kit and following the diagrams is most important to get the parts in the correct sequence. After painting the sub-assemblies I moved on to finalizing the model with Yellow Wing markings as the kit decals disintegrated in water. This is a tremendous kit and I would definitely recommend it (Monogram/Revell) to anyone with a few complex aircraft kits under their belts.

"a great kit, though expensive, and kind of humbling"
This is the most expensive model kit I have ever bought (I an working on a USS Constitution I bough as a used kit for less. I was born a few years after WWII; my father was an infantryman in the rainbow Division , and why I have a passion for WWII aircraft I'm not sure why. This aircraft, like the Brewster Buffalo, was a plane whose time was past before it went into combat. I know, in pretty much detail, about the Battle of Midway, ( as I do the Leyte Gulf crew of Taffy Three) and think of this kit as important. In any event, I find it a masterful kit. I called the TBF lit the best I ever built; this kit measures up. To begin with, when you open the kit, the first thing you see is a separate portrait of the box cover of the TBD in action; I don't know if it was meant for framing or to be used as some kind of place mat ( it is rubbery). The next thing noticed was that the part6s numbers were based on the position they were on their trees. Wow! I've never seen that before, and it makes life a lot easier. The amount of detail is excellent, especially the interiors, and the surprising thing is that the parts fit together very well when you put the fuselage halves together. The humbling part comes with the extreme detail metal etched parts in the kit. I had it re-enforced to me the limits of my abilities; with my somewhat diminished skills at my age If I could have used them, I would be ready for a job as a Rolex Watch repairer. I was able to use the shoulder belts and the aiming device in the cockpit window. I really don't know how to cut them out without wrecking them and couldn't even figure out where some of them went. Otherwise, it is a great build. The history of Lion Roar (now G.M.H) seems new to me, and not well documented; In ant event, It is almost worth the money; the humbling part is my own problem, but it would be better if that wasn't part of the occasion. I recommend this kit to the wealthy or the very gisted builder.

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