Merchant's Row I - Kit - 11 x 5 x 4''

This is the HO Scale Merchant's Row I - Kit - 11 x 5 x 4'' from Walthers.

Walthers Merchants Row I - Kit - 11 x 5 x 4 HO Scale Model Railroad Building #3028
 Walthers # wrr3028
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Walthers Item # wrr3028
Specifications :
  • Walthers Product Number: 933-3028
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 445
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Spotlight Review

"A Lot of Small Problems"
I have MS which affects my fine motor skills. Doing detail work, or really anything that requires a steady hand, is a challenge for me. I like models that are a step above idiot-proof. This does not fit that. The directions are a DISASTER. The printing was faded to almost non-visible. What was visible was, well, useless. It was nothing more than a series of faded drawings showing the placement of the window glass. Speaking of which, the part numbering scheme on the sprue was indecipherable. I ended up guessing which pieces were what part, and what went where. Many times the apparent part number on the sprue did not jive with where the directions seemed to want them to go. As noted above, it's very difficult to paint -- problematic for someone with a fine hand tremor. There are no suggested color schemes beyond what you can see on the cover. The actual building itself was very easy to construct, except for the misnumbered window glass. Everything fit first try. (I use a small cabinet-makers right angle clamp to hold the corners together during gluing, which really helps.) Sadly, my paint job was less than stellar, so it doesn't have the best appearance on the layout. However, I have to live with it. I recommend this with reservations. For someone with steady hands, a good eye, and experience with fine detail brushwork, (airbrushing would probably be a good way to paint for someone who uses that technique.) this should be a good layout addition properly painted, but beware the annoying small issues that crop up.

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  • City models made easy! This kit brings together five different stores in one structure at a dynamite price.
  • Often just a few blocks away from the railroad tracks, the business district is one of the most important parts of any small town or big city.
  • This unique kit combines five stores with one space-saving structure that fits on almost any size layout. Add your personal touch with paint and the full-color decals to create a one-of-a-king model for your steam- or diesel-era scene. 11 X 5 X 4" 27-1/2 X 12-1/2 X 10cm.


  • Walthers Product Number: 933-3028
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 445

Requirements & Suggestions

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"excellent structure with plenty of deatil"
joe.defeo (Lewes, DE)
Nicely detailed building, moderately difficult to assemble with easy directions to follow for the most part. Highly recommend to dry fit all parts before cementing them in place, so be careful and check twice but glue once. Model comes in 1 color plastic and clear glass, but if you take your time and paint the different structures different colors and even better to place 2 to 3 complementary colors on each of the different buidlings (like shown on the picture on the front of the Box) the model really comes to life. The Kits also comes with 12+ signs and decals for the signs so you can turn the buildings into any type of store you want. These extra signs also came in handy for building the Landmark series structures which do not include signs so those buildings can get the detail Woodland scenics Landmark series were to cheap to include. Over all an excellent structure with nice details and a wonderful addition to any layout or city scene.

"Great Buy!!"
Merchants Row was pretty easy to assemble, the directions are well detailed as are the parts. It comes with a lot of different decals so you can pick and choose many different types of merchants that you want in your row from all different ereas. The only down side is that there are no window details so you have to make your inside scenes or window details. Overall, this is a great purchase.

"A highly detailed build"
I started by painting the brick and cement with spray can paint. Masking between each coat adds to the time required. The trim and wood is hand painted with cheap acrylic paint. Mortar was added using Robert's Brick Mortar. At this point 2 dull acrylic clear coats were applied to protect the finish. For window glass I used a Microscope cover glass cut to fit. Noting looks like glass better than glass.Shade and blinds were then added from City Classic. Then I added signage, also from City Classics, to the front of the stores directly to the glass. Judicious application of Tacky Glue was used to hold all of this in place. When dry the glue is clear.I used City Classic Picture Windows to make four of the stores look like they are fully functional businesses. These are backlit with LED's to make them stand out more.The fifth store is detailed with Model Tech Studios Soda Fountain Counter and 2 customers and an employee. This store is lit with a LED. All LED's are in series except for the one in the restaurant which is parallel to the other four, and all are controlled with a SPST switch. Since the back of the building is visible it is painted and detailed. I added a Tichy Train Fire Escape. Everything was given two coats of India ink and alcohol wash to dull it down A fun build even with all the colours used on the front. Went together well with the sides fitting well and easy to make it square.

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