Space Shuttle Discovery with Booster Rocket

Assemble the Space Shuttle Discovery & Booster Rockets with this 1:144 Scale Plastic Model Kit from Revell. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older.

Revell-Germany Space Shuttle Discovery with Booster Rocket Space Program Plastic Model 1/144 Scale #04736
 Revell of Germany # rvl04736
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Revell of Germany Item # rvl04736
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1:144
  • Fuselage: 17-1/4" (437mm)
  • Parts: 97
  • Revell-Germany Product Number: 04736
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Spotlight Review

"great display piece. have patience while building."
i am a fan of our country's space program, so a model of the shuttle was a must. this kit portays the shuttle in a generic, but attractive way that can easily be displayed. the included decals provide you with plenty of choises as to which orbiter you would like it to portray. as to the build itself., patience was nessesary to coax the larger parts together well and avoid seam lines. this is well verbalized in many of the reviews i've read. that being said, the results of the process more than justify the effort. the designers did a great job of creating an attractive, compact, if not totally authentic environment for the shuttle to reside in your collection. i utilized some poetic lisence in paint color and sheen to help the model have a bit of visual pop. the paint masking and decal application will challenge some builders, but these skills will grow as they work through it. i am extremely pleased with the results of the extra time and effort i put into this kit, and it gets a lot of attention and compliments. i would recomend it to anyone who loves the subject, and not be frustrated by the slow pace of the build. enjoy the process and you will love the results!

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  • A realistic depiction of the Space Shuttle built with quality injection molded plastic parts with impressive details! Opening cargo bay doors reveal the exquisite payload detail.
  • Movable launch arm.
  • External fuel tank with two solid propellant booster rockets.
  • Mobile launch pad with realistic details.
  • Highly detailed engines.
  • Authentic NASA waterslide decal markings.
  • Illustrated assembly and decal placement guide.


  • Scale: 1:144
  • Fuselage: 17-1/4" (437mm)
  • Parts: 97
  • Revell-Germany Product Number: 04736


One Plastic Model

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"Don't bother buying it"
I have built four versions of the Space Shuttle in my life and this one was the worst. There was excessive trimming of extra plastic and pieces that fit together very poorly. Then, one of the hook tabs on one of the booster rockets broke off and I was forced to glue both booster rockets to the external tank. The tabs on the gantries that hold the shuttle to the external tanks did not work right so I was forced to glue the shuttle to the gantries that attach it to the external tank. The final problem was the shuttle bay doors were poorly made and wouldn't stay closed so I was forced to glue the shuttle bay doors closed. Then, when I stood the model up on the moving gantry base, the pins on the base that were supposed to hold the model upright were all broken off so the complete assembly kept on falling over. I was forced to glue everything to the base. What a nightmare Don't even bother getting this model. It was just one problem after another and not worth making. I am now forced to buy another version of the shuttle for my space model collection because this model was nothing but a waste of money.

"Good, complex model, slightly spoiled by bad molding." (St. Petersburg, FL)
After doing a number of airline models I decided to pick up this one. I debated going with this version or the Airfix version but eventually settled on this one. I was happy with the quality and the pieces are pretty well molded. Overall the model is well detailed and includes extensive decals. Pieces are included for displaying the orbiter in either launch or deployed position with cargo in the cargo bay, and even an astronaut and the maneuvering arm. However, there were some significant problems with the fit of the pieces especially with the payload bay doors on the orbiter. If you are planning on building this with the doors closed it will take a fair bit of work to align them and make the seams flush. The doors come with pins so they can be opened and closed but this leaves a considerable gap along the pivot edge. In addition the cutout for the windshield piece was not symmetrical and again had to be filled and sanded extensively. The model includes the 'crawler' transport vehicle which can be used to display the model in launch position; I especially liked this even though it was far from an accurate depiction. Overall I was happy with the model but it would have been better with more precise molding.

"Renewed Hobby"
marc (New York, NY)
After about 20 years off from building models, I bought this on a whim to pick the hobby back up. It was a challenge, but fun. The molded parts didn't fit all that well together, so it took a lot of scraping and carving to get everything right, but now that its together, it looks great. I would recommend this, but I probably should have started with an easier model. It takes patience, but you'll enjoy building it.


  • One Decal Sheet with Markings for 4 US Space Shuttle Missions
  • 1: Discovery
  • 2: Atlantis
  • 3: Endeavour
  • 4: Enterprise
  • Airframe and Detail Paint Colors: - Silky-Matt Wood Brown, Matt White, Matt Clear, Matt Africa Brown, Matt Brown, Silky-Matt White, Matt Gray, Silky-Matt Light Gray, Metallic Steel, Matt Anthracite Gray, Matt Grayish Blue, Metallic Aluminum, Matt Tank Gray, Metallic Silver, Silky-Matt Black

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