US Navy DD445 Fletcher Destroyer Boat

A 1/350 Scale Plastic U.S. Navy DD445 Fletcher Destroyer from Tamiya.

Tamiya US Navy DD445 Fletcher Destroyer Boat Plastic Model Military Ship Kit 1/350 Scale #78012
 Tamiya # tam78012
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Tamiya Item # tam78012
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  • Tamiya Product Number: 78012
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Spotlight Review

"Tamiya DD445 - Excellent first 1/350 build"
I have been a 1/700 fan for a while but picked this kit up to give 1/350 a try. I thoroughly enjoyed working in this scale and the end result is really nice. I added the PE set from Toms Model Works and it made the difference. Be careful with the railings ... the PE set gives no extra for errors. Also recommend doing some research on the USN paint measures. I question the accuracy of some of Tamiya's color recommendations for this build ... especially the deck blue. I'll be building more in this scale. Then quality of this kit is typical of what you expectfrom Tamiya.

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  • Markings included for 4 different destroyers with the early curved bridge.
  • Accurately reproduced 12.7mm main gun turrets which can be made to rotate.
  • Single piece hull and one piece main deck.
  • Detailed bridge with movable radar antenna.
  • Detailed funnels, masts, depth charge racks, lifeboats, and superstructure.
  • A simple plastic display base in also included.


  • Tamiya Product Number: 78012


1/350 US Navy DD445 Fletcher

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Very Good and Challenging build"
This was a challenging build for me. I have disabilities that make all but basic modeling difficult, but I like the challenge of increasing degrees of difficulty in my builds. This model was indeed more of a challenge than I'm used to tackling. The directions were fairly clear and straightforward. (although something I find vaguely annoying is that in this age of digital everything, most model instruction graphics remain comparatively primitive hand drawings.) The parts sprue was organized and labeled clearly and rationally, mostly sequentially numbered with parts that are assembled together placed together on the sprue. The parts were free of excess plastic, and they came off the sprue easily and very cleanly. They need very little trimming or sanding to make them ready for joining. There were A LOT of tiny pieces that were a real challenge. In fact, I lost at least half a dozen of those tiny pieces when they slipped out my hand and landed on the dirt floor. But those tiny pieces were part of the challenge (I've since discovered using a small piece of Silly Putty stuck on the end of a dowel makes an excellent tool to hold tiny pieces for assembly.) The paints were a disappointment, although they were provided with the kit. Following the painting as indicated on the plans required mixing different paints in really bizarre proportions, like 56:1. I decided to omit those nearly impossible color mixtures for ones that were close. I also chose to paint the hull the good old fashioned haze gray I remember from my time at sea in the Navy, as opposed to the more realistic camo scheme (Haze Gray and under way). I did most of the painting while the parts were on the sprue. My only really maddening problem was gluing. Using a CA glue is problematic in that I have great difficulty controlling the flow, so it marred a lot of the fine details when fused. Regular polystyrene glue is just as difficult. But none of that has anything to do with the model per se, just another challenge to face. In sum, this was a really good and interesting model to build. It was a challenge, though an experienced modeler probably would find it easy. This model helped me move to the next level of difficulty, and I intend to use what I learned to build the USS Indianapolis, relabeled as the USS Portland (CA-33) Pros: Clearly, rationally organized sprue; clean parts; excellent replica of the actual ship; moderate challenge. Cons: Sometimes muddied directions; paint requires mixing in bizarre ratios.

"Excellent Kit"
This build was a challenge, but I enjoyed it. I wanted to add more to this build. So, I added PE parts from (Tom's Modelworks set#3508) which I got from Hobbylinc. The radar, ladder and rails made the ship look more realistic. This was the first time I ever used PE on a ship. So, I would have to say that was the real challenge. Pro's: Everything fit good. Instructions were clear but need updated. No putty was needed. Single piece hull. Painting directions were clear. Decals ok. Con's: None. I would like to see Tamiya come out with a Gearing class in 1/350 also.

"Awesome kit"
This is the first smaller ship model i have done, i usually do Battleships/Carriers but have started to get to smaller ships/subs. This kit was excellent, there were many parts that had added detail i haven't seen in other ships before. The turret mounts were movable along with the gun itself, there were even rubber buffers to allow for seamless movement. This was a great, high quality model, thoroughly enjoyed it. The only downside is the paint scheme/colors. Something that is unusual from my experience is paint schemes that require mixing to get the color, add to it that the colors that needed to be mixed were somewhat harder to find, that was a roadblock and i had to pause this model until i got the required paint. So, if you get this kit and go by what the instructions call out for the paint scheme, make sure you have enough extra paint for mixing ahead of time. If you do your own scheme or you are proficient in mixing paints, you don't need to worry about it. Overall this kit was great and i recommend it


  • Decal options:
  • Single sheet of decals with US Navy ensign and 4 sets of numbers for
  • DD's 445, 446, 447, and 448. All ships may be painted with the
  • same scheme but since US Navy camouflage practices changed during
  • WWII, check references to be sure of its accuracy for any
  • particular ship.

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