1976 Chevy Sport Stepside

This is the 1/24 Scale 1976 Chevy Sport Stepside Plastic Model Car Kit from Revell-Monogram.

Revell-Monogram 1976 Chevy Sport Stepside Plastic Model Car Kit 1/24 Scale #854486
 Revell-Monogram # rmx854486
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Revell-Monogram Item # rmx854486
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Spotlight Review

"Square Body Lovers, GET THIS KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!"
So, as with any kit, this went through a wash of Dawn dish detergent to remove any mold release agents. All parts were then painted with a Rustoleum primer, as is my standard fashion with any kit. In 1/24th scale the parts are ever so slightly larger that 1/25th parts, but you could easily use any 1/25th parts you would want to. The parts are molded nice and crisp, however, you will need to do some standard flash clean up, as flash was minimal. The kit builds into a nice representation of a Squarebody Chevy pickup truck with some extras in box including an antenna for a CB, the CB itself, and not many others. The engine bay is just OK with a pretty standard generic 350 Chevy small block. But, if one wanted to, you could really spice up that engine bay. The interior is really on the soft side with weak engraving for the door panels and seats, but the dash in an excellent representation of the real truck. The Chevy Rally wheels for this Squarebody truck really set it off. Hands down the best parts of this kit and could easily be used for other models. Exhaust and suspension is straight, forward and easy. Decals can be challenging at times. You want to make sure to use some decal setting solution with these decals. I used Micromark Microset, and Microsol and still had problems as noted in the Pix. Body was painted with a craft acrylic from WMart and used Rustoleum clear with no polishing and turned out like you see. Pros of this kit are, 1. Super awesome subject matter. Can't go wrong with a Squarebody whatsoever. 2. Ummm, Chevy Sqaurebody. What else needs said? 3. Excellent wheel and tire package. Arguably the best rally wheels for a Chevy truck? Cons of this kit are, 1. Gluing the back of the cab to the rest of the cab after interior insertion. 2. Decals can be extremely fragile. 3. Might not be appealing to young modelers. Would I recommend this kit? ABSOLUTELY! This was a fun, easy going build. Build it for yourself and you can't go wrong. Would I build another? ABSOLUTELY! And I wouldn't hesitate ordering from Hobbylinc. I have had excellent shipping times and service with Hobbylinc. No problems whatsoever. HOBBYLINC IS MY HANDS DOWN GO TO FOR MY MODELING NEEDS.

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  • Revell-Monogram Product Number: 854486

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"This is a really fun kit"
roblively1982 (Cantonment, Florida)
I would very much recommend this kit – if for no other reason than the decal sheet in the kit. I have never seen a better, perfectly-registered set of decals that includes dash, seat belts, modest door panels, bowties for each wheel and the front grill and the slashes and flashes for the truck exterior are really outstanding! I opened this kit, and got really excited. The detail is really nice (except for the complete lack of door panels and the firewall has no brake master cylinder or any defrost/heater housing. One drawback was that both front and back windshield had scratches that really marred the finish. Thankfully mop-n-glow took care of those. It has 102 parts, and I used all but a handful. Get this kit! It is worth the money and could be modified to no end!

"76 chevy sport"
Easy to assemble. All parts where present.good looking model. I own the life size version.

"Super Fun Kit!"
hillboys768 (Pocatello, ID)
This is a kit that is really a true pleasure to put together. There is altogether zero flash to concern yourself with and the parts almost just fall into place because they're so well designed, molded, and crafted. Definitely would be a great kit for a newer hobbyist looking to start on kits involving gluing parts together.

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