IJN Suzuya Heavy Cruiser Waterline Boat

A main characteristic of the heavily armored Mogami class cruisers was the use of weight saving techniques. This, however, resulted in concerns for the ships overall strength and stability. The Kumano, the last Mogami cruiser completed in 1937, was subsequently fitted with a large bulge, and the upper deck was built narrower and lower than the first two Mogami cruisers. The Kumano was originally fitted with 15.5cm triple guns, with a speed of 920m/sec., a max. range of 27,400m and a projection angle up to 55 degrees. These 15.5cm triple guns were highly respected by artillery experts. The Kumano participated in many battles during WWII including the Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, and the greatest naval battle of WWII, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, before suffering a simultaneous torpedo attack causing it to sink in Santa Cruz Bay in 1944.

Tamiya IJN Suzuya Heavy Cruiser Waterline Boat Plastic Model Military Ship Kit 1/700 Scale #31343
 Tamiya # tam31343
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Tamiya Item # tam31343
Specifications :

Scale: 1/700

  • Tamiya Product Number: 31343
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"IJN Cruiser 'Suzuya'; another great kit!"
cdnmodeller (Edmonton, AB)
The 'Suzuya' was 1 of about 4 'Mogami'-type cruisers built for the IJN with an unusual forward turret configuration; 2 on the foredeck & 1 mounted on the forward barbette. When I started the kit I was a little unsure how to get around that but found that by assembling the guns at an angle in the turrets, it allows for an easy assembly. The number of tiny parts is minimal; parts such as secondary guns & even anti-aircraft guns are mounted quite easily. I've managed to assemble almost all the kits of the 'Mogami'-type cruisers except the 'Kumano' and all of them were great to build!

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  • Japanese Light Cruiser Kumano plastic assembly kit.
  • 1/700 scale, Overall length: 286.5mm, Overall width: 36.5mm.
  • The graceful form of the Kumano has been accurately replicated. Kumano's characteristic structures have been accurately reproduced. The hull has been divided in two halves in order to reproduce the finest details.
  • The layout of the rear flight deck with rails and turntables has been sharply represented.
  • The main turrets can rotate after completion via polycap.
  • Equipment such as armament including 12.7cm gun turrets or triple tube torpedo launchers, main mast, aircraft crane and catapults are accurately reproduced.


Scale: 1/700

  • Tamiya Product Number: 31343


1/700 Japanese Heavy Cruiser Suzuya

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