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US Navy Indianapolis Cruiser Boat

The U.S. Navy heavy cruiser, Indianapolis, was commissioned at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on November 15, 1932. On the opening day of the Pacific War, December 7, 1941, as flagship of Scouting Force, US Fleet, she was making a simulated bombardment near Hawaii. In March 1943, she became flagship of Admiral Raymond Spruance, Commander Fifth Fleet which consisted of Task Force 58 plus 130,000 marines and army troops. Leading the giant fleet, she participated in most of the major Central Pacific campaigns. In March 1945, she was severely damaged and returned to Mare Island for repairs. For the 2 months period of repairs, her equipment was renewed and much improved with the latest radar, electronic gun sights and new Curtiss Seahawks. After the repairs, she loaded secret cargo and personnel at San Francisco, and sailed for Tinian Island on July 16 , where a B29 bomber base was located, , and arrived there to unload the cargo and personnel on July 26. Then 4 days later, on July 30, she sunk taking 2 torpedo hits from the submarine I-58.

Tamiya US Navy Indianapolis Cruiser Boat Plastic Model Military Ship Kit 1/700 Scale #31804
 Tamiya # tam31804
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Tamiya Item # tam31804
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1/700
  • Length: 10" (25.4cm)
  • Tamiya Product Number: 31804
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Spotlight Review

"Fun build"
Big “D”
I only had a few problems with some of the pieces lining up correctly but with time I finally made it work, just have to paint the finished model

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  • This is a plastic model assembly kit of the U.S. Navy heavy cruiser, Indianapolis.
  • 1/700 scale, 266mm in overall length, 29mm in overall width.
  • Precisely replicates the anti-aircraft armaments and equipment improved in July 1945.
  • Realistically recreated hull consists of right and left halves.
  • Anchor chain and nonslip treatments on deck are well expressed by precise mold carving technique.
  • Bridges, funnels, masts and radar also show intricate details. Kit comes with many impressive armaments such as 8in/55 caliber batteries on turret, 5in/25 caliber dual purpose guns and 20mm/40mm anti-aircraft guns.
  • Turrets can be rotated owing to poli caps installed underneath. 2 airplanes (Curtiss SC-1 Seahawks) included.


  • Scale: 1/700
  • Length: 10" (25.4cm)
  • Tamiya Product Number: 31804


1/700 US Navy Indianapolis Waterline

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Great model to build"
Just completed the Indianapolis and enjoyed building it. The instructions are excellent and the parts are easy to identify. Even putting on the smaller AA weapons was not too much of a chore as I first installed the bases for the 5 inchers and 20mm's before attaching the guns. I pre-assembled the 40mm's before attaching though. The only real problem I had was the assembly of the forward mast as it broke so I had to make do with what I had to use. I used a different paint scheme also as I used the Model Master Navy Sea Blue for the decking and an intermediate gray for the hull. Assembly of the 2 scout planes always gives me trouble, especially with wing pontoons since they are so small. I painted the planes with a Navy Sea Blue and a light gray for the underside of the wings and pontoons. I stayed away from using any silver which the color chart shows for certain items such as searchlights and radar.

"Had to build this boat."
Anyone who saw the movie JAWS, has to build this model. This is the shipped referenced by Robert Shaw when talking about his removed tattoo and his time of survival in the water, one of my all time favorite movie scenes besides, leave the gun, take the canolli Can think of how many time that scene went through my mind as I built it, and imagined his story along the way. Great fit and finish to the pieces, takes some skill to assemble and detail. But the end result was so much worth the extra effort and I put into building it. If you liked Jaws, you need to build it!!!

"Great kit to build"
cdnmodeller (Edmonton, AB)
This kit depicts the famous USS Indianapolis - the ship the carried the Hiroshima bomb to Tinian Island. It was 1 of 2 cruisers of its class, the other being USS Portland. This kit was pretty straightforward to assemble. The only problem I had, as with other kits, was removing & keeping track of some tiny parts. However, this kit's parts, even the smaller ones, were easier to apply and nothing a set of tweezers can't handle. As another reviewer said this kit is worth it for its association with 'Jaws' and the real-life mass shark attack that befell most of its crew after it was torpedoed by an IJN submarine and sank. Highly recommended.


Keep small pieces and sharp edges away from children ages 3 and under.

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