F/A-18E Super Hornet

Assemble the F/A-18E Super Hornet with this 1:48 Scale Plastic Model Kit from Hasegawa. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older.

Hasegawa F/A-18E Super Hornet Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/48 Scale #07239
 Hasegawa # hsg07239
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Hasegawa Item # hsg07239
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1:48
  • Fuselage: 15-1/16" (383mm)
  • Wingspan: 11-1/4" (286mm)
  • Parts: 239
  • Hasegawa Product Number: 07239
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This build went very well no problems with fit or a lot of flashing. I would recommend this kit for builders of any skill level.

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  • Exquisite airframe surface details..
  • Complete twin seat cockpit detail including consoles, wall and instrument panels with raised detail,.
  • Intricately detailed wheel wells and landing gear..
  • Wing flaps and ailerons may be modeled in up or down position..
  • Nicely detailed payloads and fuel tanks..
  • Model the clear canopy in open or closed position..
  • Boarding ladder..
  • Authentic waterslide decals..
  • Illustrated assembly guide..


  • Scale: 1:48
  • Fuselage: 15-1/16" (383mm)
  • Wingspan: 11-1/4" (286mm)
  • Parts: 239
  • Hasegawa Product Number: 07239


One Plastic Model

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Best Super Hornet kits available."
I picked up this kit after reading all the rave and reviews about it, and I must admit that it is highly detailed, and pretty accurate. I had built the Revell E model Super Hornet prior to this one, which went together really well, and was excited to see the similarities. This one by and far was more detailed with the out of box parts in comparison, however, I elected to purchase aftermarket avionics bays, refueling probe, and cockpit replacement set for my build, so I didn't use all the kit parts. This kit is nice in the fact that it properly represents the Super Hornet in the sense that it can be built with the flaps down or up. Depending on how much patience you have, this can be a very cool added feature, and when built correctly, absolutely looks the part when finished. I wasn't very particular about the spine of the kit, as it seems to me that it's either too wide, or too flat. I worked on Super's for a few years, and never remember it being that 'flat' across the turtle back of the jet. The Revell kit seems to have nailed that aspect better to me, as it just 'looks' more like a Super Hornet, but that's just my personal opinion on it. As with a lot of Hasegawa kits, this is a little advanced, so I certainly wouldn't recommend it to someone just starting out, or just getting back into the hobby after a lengthy amount of time off...at these kinds of prices, this isn't a kit that you want to start and wind up messing up. Much better to go with the Revell 15 offering out of the gates first. There are a few fit issues that sometimes is just the nature of the beast of an over-engineered kit, but with some dry fitting, and messing around, most of these can be overcame. The kits out of box decal sheet is nice, however the decals are VERY thick, and will require a strong setting solution to help them melt into the paint scheme a little bit to look natural. Or, you can elect to just scrap those and pick up a set of aftermarket decals for your prefered unit like I did. For those who are excited to open the box, and build this kit into a war machine, armed to the teeth with bombs, A/G rocket, and missiles...go ahead and curb your excitement now. This kit comes with VERY minimal ordnance in the sense of 2 AIM-9's and 2 AIM-120's with fuel tanks. Hasegawa is notorious about boxing their A/G ordnance in separate kits that they like to charge the customer 21 for. I personally don't agree with this practice, but it's the price you pay for accuracy I suppose. In their defense, the Revell E model also doesn't come with A/G ordnance, but the F model comes with tons of it, and for a third of the price. All in all, it has done all the right things accuracy wise to be considered the Top Gun in it's class, but I don't know if I would pick this kit over the Revell kit every single time. If you're going for in depth builds loaded with accuracy, pick this one. If you're in it to throw together a Super Hornet and have a little fun, then pick up the Revell kit.

"Nice Kit"
Nice kit, usual high quality from Hasegawa. Very good fit and engineering. Has some nice decal options. Well worth the price and a fun build.


  • One Decal Sheet with Markings for 2 US Navy Versions
  • 1) USS Kitty Hawk, VFA-27 "Royal Maces" (2005)
  • 2) USS Abraham Lincoln, VFA-115 "Eagles"
  • Aircraft & Detail Paint Colors: - White, Black, Silver, Steel, Flat Black, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Khaki Green, Burnt Iron, Semi Gross Black, Tire Black, Grayish Blue FS35237, Gray FS36320 & FS36375 & FS36231, Red FS11136, Yellow FS13538

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