Spitfire Mk II

This is the 1/32 Scale Spitfire Mk.II Plastic Model Kit from Revell. Suitable for Ages 14 & Older.:

Revell-Germany Spitfire Mk II Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/32 Scale #03986
 Revell of Germany # rvl03986
Retail $41.99  SAVE 20% !
Revell of Germany Item # rvl03986
Features :
  • Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in grey and clear.:
  • Detailed parts.:
  • Waterslide decals.:
  • Illustrated instructions.:
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Spotlight Review

"Spitfire Mk II"
semalevik (Russia)
This set is very good.Excellent display of rivets, seams, hatches, joints.Above the cabin you can work, but initially it is done well.A good dashboard, but if you use the etching can be made even more believable.It would be good to add in the pilot's seat cushion.Parts fit together perfectly, excellent workmanship.But there is a pesky little things I noticed REVELL this suffering.Not really impossible to make the design of the propeller so that it can rotate freely.The axis of the propeller is made structurally not very successful.In this difficult to achieve the screw plane rotated freely.Revell is necessary to see how it's done at the Tamiya and Hasegawa. Model very much.There were a couple of places where we had to use putty, but it's the little things.Very good decals for two versions.FWhen building the model I enjoy. The aircraft already in its final stages. Perhaps soon be photos.or the price very solid set, lacks engine, and more detailed detailing.I recommend to set everything from beginners to advanced modelers.

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  • Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in grey and clear.:
  • Detailed parts.:
  • Waterslide decals.:
  • Illustrated instructions.:


  • Scale: 1/32:
  • Length: 11.1 (282mm):
  • Wingspan: 13.7 (348mm):
  • Skill level: 5:
  • Parts: 165:


One plastic model:

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Great Value For Money and a easy and enjoyable build..."
Martin L (Manchester, NH)
This is another very well engineered and nicely molded product by Revell of Germany that goes together very easily and is a fun build. The cost of this kit and the details that are included make it a great Value For Money purchase! The kit includes a nicely detailed cockpit, rigid nicely detailed undercarriage, the option to have the canopy open or closed, poseable ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudder and finely molded recessed panel lines and rivet details. No Pilot is included, that would be nice, but, this is a very low priced kit for what you're already getting out of the box! Regarding providing my scores for the overall quality of engineering, quality of molded product, quality of details included, quality of the instruction manual and the decals and packaging, I score as follows: Quality of Engineering Fits: 9/10 Everything goes together very well and very easily. The only reason that I marked the score down to 9, was because the bullet proof windscreen was about 0.75mm from the surface of the fuselage leaving a gap beneath it. I rectified this by scraping down the two sides of the fuselage profiles where the windshield fitted into, then applied a small amount of filler along the joints of the windshield to fuselage, and then blended it in. Quality of molded product: 9/10- the product is very nicely molded, parts are crisp and clean with just a few spots of flash. No warp was present on any of the parts and ejector pin witness marks were away from visual area. I didn't have any sink marks to contend with and the canopy parts were nice and clear with minimal distortion when looking through. There are finely recessed panel lines and rivet details, although some of the rivet details are too fine for them to show when the plane is given a dirt wash during the finishing stage. A good rivet forming tool would cure that, should you have one and want to attempt improving them. Quality of details included: 8/10- I'd pay an extra $5.00 to $8.00, if this kit was further enhanced with the inclusion of a Rolls Royce Merlin Engine to display with the cowlings removed. Quality of the instruction manual: 9/10- I thought it was very easy to follow, but, it would be nice if the painting instructions were in color and alternative manufacturers paint shades were included for those that cannot get Revell paints easily, or prefer to use other brands. Quality of Decals: 9/10- There are two options for squadron markings and the decals go down very well with a decal setting solution, conforming nicely to raised and recessed surface details. The kit does lack some of the smaller stencil markings such as no step. Quality of packaging: 8/10- Typical Revell thin card packaging with access to the box by opening the end flaps. The Sprues are packaged in clear polythene bags that are taped closed. Further notes: I would recommend this kit to anyone that has half a dozen or more builds under their belt, despite its Skill Level 4 marking, it's very easy to put together and goes together very well. Revell Germany are certainly developing a nice set of large scale models at unbeatable prices just recently which satisfies the majority of the modeling demographic that do not have a lot of disposable income to pay the Tamiya prices that are 5 times more for the same scale plane. Albeit, they are more accurate and have far more details included. But, at the end of the day, it looks like a Spitfire, is easy to build, looks good when completed and is satisfying to build at the same time. I won't lose sleep over its inaccuracies, I can sacrifice those for value, fun and enjoyment!

"Best Spitfire I've ever had"
Tony.A (Lakewood, WA)
This model is the best rendition of the Spitfire I've ever seen. The detail is well done, engraved panel lines, crisp cast-hardly any flash. I look forward to the hours this one is going to take me. At this price range for this scale, with this quality - definitely recommended

"Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk II"
Revell 1/32 scale aircraft are a real bargain. They're not as detailed as Tamiya's offerings, but they're also less than 1/4 price. For the price, though, this model gives a fair amount of detail. It goes together easily enough and the parts fit well. There are aftermarket detail sets if you want to jazz it up some, but it's not necessary to go wild in order to produce a nice result. (I'm looking forward to building Revell's Mosquito for my next 1/32 project.)


Due to small parts that could cause a choking hazard please kee away from children 3 years of age and younger.

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