Fokker DR.I Manfred Von Richthofen Triplane

This is a 1/28 Plastic Fokker DR.I Manfred Von Richthofen Triplane by Revell. For modelers age 10 and over, but recommended for adults.

Revell-Germany Fokker DR.I Manfred Von Richthofen Triplane Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/28 Scale #04744
 Revell of Germany # rvl04744
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Revell of Germany Item # rvl04744
Specifications :
  • Length: 8-1/4" (21.1cm)
  • Wingspan: 10-1/4" (26.2cm)
  • Scale: 1/28
  • Revell-Germany Product Number: 04744
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Spotlight Review

"Excellent Value"
Built this model decades ago as a kid and am currently in the process of building it again. I like working in this scale size and wish it was more popular. Not too small, not too big. This can be a relatively simple build or a complex one if the rigging options are utilized. Will be doing rigged control surfaces this time, didn't do so as a

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  • Skill level 3 includes up to 100 red plastic pieces molded to sprue trees.
  • Detailed radial engine.
  • Movable propeller.
  • Detailed cockpit with control column, seat and pedals.
  • Structurally detailed wings.
  • Two Spandau MGs.
  • Landing gear with movable wheels.
  • Pilot figure von Richtrhofen.
  • Two ground personnel figures.
  • Wings are three-tier.
  • There is no cockpit enclosure.
  • Waterslide decals included.
  • Detailed pictorial instructions.


  • Length: 8-1/4" (21.1cm)
  • Wingspan: 10-1/4" (26.2cm)
  • Scale: 1/28
  • Revell-Germany Product Number: 04744


One 1/28 Plastic Fokker DR.I Manfred Von Richthofen Triplane

Requirements & Suggestions

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"An Old Friend"
I must have built 20 of these when I was a kid, and some finished ones for my daughter and nephew over the years. My grandson just learned how to build models so I introduced this classic kit to him and it came our fair enough, not finished at all but I wanted it to be a kit to learn how to build and do decals, so it is quite fine for his desk. He also learned not to pick it up but the top wing. That was a problem with the real Triplane too. Recommend this for anyone wishing a quiet, quick project or a painstaking modification into a nice triplane. Worth the time and yes I will build another one with the refinements necessary now. I learned how to build it too.

"Good value for money."
BlucherFamily (Overland Park, KS)
This kit is typical of Recall in offering great value for money. There is some over flash especially in the fuselage pieces, but this is easy to deal with and once done the pieces fit well together. The instructions are clear and the build relativel smooth. I enjoyed building this aircraft and was pleased with my result.

"ancient Fokker"
kajoe55 (Oklahoma)
I have been modeling for some time, having built this kit when I was a kid. I recently purchased a new one and was surprised to see Revell, Venice Calif, 1957 stamped inside the fuselage. The kit is also stamped 1981 on the landing gear plane at the very bottom. So, Revell must make good kits considering; a. Richthofen flew this in 1917/1918, b. The kit was originally make in 1957, c. I'm building one in 2017. Had some minor fit issues with the machine guns and if you don't clean up the flash, you'll have other fit problems during assembly. The decals had some silvering and despite my best efforts I couldn't eliminate them (the weight table and aircraft identification) and the tail decal doesn't line up correctly and is oversized so have some Micro Sol/Set. Rigging was easy as was the overall assembly. I have it a good rating but unless you want to spend a lot this is an excellent model to try you hand at WWI aviation. As always, have fun.


  • Includes one decal sheet for two aircrafts
  • 1: Germany's Iron Cross Insignia (1917), Fok.FI102/17.
  • 2: Germany's Iron Cross Insignia (1918), Fok.DRI425/17.
  • Airframe Colors
  • 1: Matt Light Olive, Light Green, Matt Nato Olive.
  • 2: Carmin Red.
  • Detail Colors
  • -Matt White, Silver, Copper, Matt Black, Matt Flesh, Greyish Blue,
  • Matt Earth, Ruby Red, Ochre, Wood Tan.


  • CAUTION: Not suitable for children age 3 and under. Contains small parts which are a choking hazard.
  • Suggests to use Revell polystyrene cement from the CONTACTA series.
  • Skill level 3 models are more demanding.

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