USS Ticonderoga CV14 Aircraft Carrier

This is a 1/350 scale USS Ticonderoga CV14 Aircraft Carrier plastic model ship from Trumpeter.

Trumpeter USS Ticonderoga CV14 Aircraft Carrier Plastic Model Military Ship 1/350 Scale #5609
 Trumpeter # tsm5609
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Trumpeter Item # tsm5609
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Spotlight Review

"Good quality, great kit"
I've built several different Trumpeter carrier kits and this one does not disappoint either Easy to follow instructions and the pieces fit excellent

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  • Trumpeter Product Number: 5609
  • Length: 773.7 mm
  • Width: 128.4 mm


  • 689 pcs

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davidnweber (Del Rio, Tx)
What can I say other than this kit is AWESOME!!!! This is my first kit in 1/350 scale and it does not disappoint. First off, the size alone is impressive. At 30 1/2 when finished, the kit literally dominates any other kit I have built. And to top it off, there is no loss of detail as Trumpeter has ensured that this version of an Essex class WWII carrier is accurate. I plan on making minor modifications in order to recreate a WWII era version of CV-15 (USS Randolph) as a commemorative to my father who served aboard her as a Aviation's Machinist Mate. Although I have barely started on this project, I am highly impressed with this kit and recommend it to anyone that wants to build a long hull version of the Essex class in 1/350 scale.

"Good kit." (Plymouth, PA)
Though I used this to make a kitbash representing a 60's version of the USS Intrepid, I found the stock kit to be well-molded and well-detailed. The bow extension needs filler to make the hull smooth, as do several other parts. This is a LARGE kit with MANY parts so it is best to carefully read the instructions several times to become familiar with how the assembly progresses. You can add many super-details along the way, such as filling out the hangar deck, lighting, etc. I would recommend painting in sub-assemblies, as well. Overall, a good kit.

"Wait for something better."
I will start this review by recommending this kit to experienced and advanced modelers only.....even then you will be disappointed and have to deal with a fair amount of frustration.let's begin with no anchor chains. Trumpeter didn't even bother to mold anchor chains in place. It seems they think you enjoy going to the hobby shop for odds and ends. Item two is obviously no PE brass. For a kit of this size and hefty price, you have to rely on buying a detail set off E Bay. Not a problem, they only run upwards of $100.00 or so. The lack of brass rails in a kit this size is only overshadowed by the absence of splinter shields on all of these 20mm cannons. The quad 40mm's could use some dressing up too. Now to come to the critical parts. You cannot build this as a full hull version. You can just barely make the water line version if you have a Dremel with several grinding bits. If you fit the separate bow to the hull, you will find that it makes the hull 5/8 shorter than the base for the waterline, and 1/4 too short for the full hull! because of this shortage of plastic, the forward bays, including the forward hanger elevator don't fit. That's right gang,cut cut, and cut away in order to make the sides and stern fit under the flight deck and on top of the waterline part (don't forget to get the Dremel to shape the waterline part to the hull) By the way, what's your favorites body putty? I could go on, but you can see that this review is quickly turning into a rant. I love Trumpeter 1/350 ship building, but here, ugh! What were they thinking?


  • Measure 33/10a

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