USS The Sullivans DD-537

Assemble the USS The Sullivans DD-537 with this 1:350 Scale Plastic Model Kit from the Trumpeter World Boat Series. Suitable for Ages 14 & Older.

Trumpeter USS The Sullivans DD-537 Plastic Model Military Ship Kit 1/350 Scale #05304
 Trumpeter # tsm05304
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Trumpeter Item # tsm05304
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1:350
  • Length: 12-15/16" (328mm)
  • Width: 1-3/8" (34mm)
  • Total Pcs: 174
  • Trumpeter Product Number: 05304
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Spotlight Review

Very good detail, easy to follow instructions and with a little bit of patience and imagination the finished model is superb

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  • A beautifully reproduced static display model that can be modeled in her 1943 or 1945 fits.
  • This model can be built either as a waterline version or full hull version.
  • Exquisitely done Mk. 30 Mod18 main gun turrets, 40mm twin guns, and 40mm quad guns.
  • Meticulously detailed island structure.
  • Racks for depth charges.
  • Complete deck detail including suspended life boats.
  • Authentic decal markings.
  • A display stand is provided to use with the full hull version.
  • Illustrated assembly guide.


  • Scale: 1:350
  • Length: 12-15/16" (328mm)
  • Width: 1-3/8" (34mm)
  • Total Pcs: 174
  • Trumpeter Product Number: 05304


One Plastic Model

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Mildly disappointed with this kit."
This is my first Trumpeter kit, and after hearing good things from others about the quality of Trumpeter, I'm a little bit disappointed with this one. It's dated 2005, so it's not a particularly old production run but there are some really awful tooling marks on some of the decks and some fit issues that I would expect from the cheap, old Revell kits. Don't quite understand the logic behind making the 5-inch gun houses in 3 pieces; other than providing more pieces to glue together, what's the point of having to assemble the sides of the houses? Especially when they don't fit/line up well. The same can be said for the superstructure assemblies; all bulkheads are separate pieces so you need to try to glue them all together and on the deck at the same time if you don't want to run into a misalignment problem if you do it in a few stages; it's like trying to make a square out of 4 playing cards and not have any one leaning at all. A simple notch or two here and there would certainly have helped. The 20mm mounts are a bit chunky and appear to be too large, although that's fairly common with smaller ship kits. As for decals and flags, you get the hull numbers, the clovers, the Union Jack and the famous Trumpeter 50-star WWII US Flag. So if you are really looking for accuracy you'll need to find the 48-star flag yourself. Also would have been nice to have some signal flags to run up the halyard. All that said, this kit does have some redeeming qualities. There isn't much flash at all. The instructions are clear and parts are included to build Sullivans in either her '43 or '45 configuration. There is also some really nice detail with this kit. Despite the gripe with the 5-inch mounts, they at least have some detail and aren't a one size fits all as a few of them have the blast hood atop the housing. Anti-skid walkways are clear and not too thick. Depth charge rack are nice (although in 2 halves...why??), you can even see where the depth crank goes! The torpedo mounts, k-gun racks and throwers, life rafts and searchlights all have some nice detail. Even the molded hatches on the bulkheads are fairly decent. I bought the Tom's PE set to give the kit a boost where needed. Overall, I think there's more good than bad with this kit and anyone looking to build one of the fine Fletcher class destroyers would find this one suitable.

"A Poor Representation of a Square Bridge Fletcher Class Destroyer Out of the Box"
I was disappointed with this kit. It reminded me of models that I used to build in the 1960s despite the fact it was released in 2005. Many of the parts do not fit together very well and there are missing guide pins. The Deck non-skid is molded to the decks and is too thick and is a challenge to remove. Some parts have mold marks on them that need to be addressed. Many of the detail parts such as the 40mm gun Mk-51 directors and radars are poorly rendered. To build a proper Fletcher this kit needs add on detail parts. I used various parts from Gold Medal Model's Fletcher detail photo-etched brass set, Infini Model's Fletcher mast detail set and Black Cat model's 3D printed mid war Fletcher detail set. I would only recommend this kit for somebody who is starting out in our hobby or for an experienced modeler who is prepared to heavily modify the kit.

"Another fine kit"
Another very fine kit from Trumperter, the deck detail was very good for being such a small ship. Hard to believe the Fletchers were our top of the line destroyers in WWII. Very easy to work with and with the add on of a photo etch kit yoou can add as much or as little detail as you wish

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