USS Olympia Military Boat (Re-Issue)

USS Olympia Warship is a protected cruiser that saw service in the United States Navy from her commissioning in 1895 until 1922. This vessel became famous as the flagship of Commodore George Dewey at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War in 1898. The ship was decommissioned after returning to the U.S. in 1899, but was returned to active service in 1902.

Lindberg USS Olympia Military Boat (Re-Issue) Plastic Model Military Ship Kit 1/240 Scale #402
 Lindberg # lnd402
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Lindberg Item # lnd402
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  • Lindberg Product Number: 402
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"lindberg , what do you expect"
j w bolen (Ohio)
It is a typical Lindberg kit from yesteryear. Fit and detail problems as described in the first review. With a lot of work you can produce a decent ( not great) replica of the ship, or you can look at it as trip into the past. I built one recently as a rainy day project got rid of walls/ railings , filled gaps and painted it gray for WW I appearance. It still looks more toy than serious model. However, I had a skilled friend invest about 20 hours in one and he was able to produce a great looking model that was 2/3 Lindberg and 1/3 replacement parts and added details. recommended if you will settle for mediocre out of the box or as a starting point for some serious work

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Plastic parts molded in brown and white.

Waterslide decals.

Display stand.

Skill Level 2.

78 Parts.


  • Lindberg Product Number: 402


1/240 USS Olympia Warship plastic kit by Lindberg models.

Requirements & Suggestions

Paint Required

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"olympia flaws"
the kit has many flaws the 1st is the main guns the turrets and guns come as one piece that then are glued to the barbette so no turning turrets. The observation platform that admiral dewey used doesn't fit right to the superstructure so you will have to settle for it just sort of being off center. the hull is in 2 pieces but the main deck when inserted in the hull will have large gaps especially in the bow and stern. The railing are molded on the kit and look like solid walls. the details on the hull are good for it's generation of casting but with lots of flash to remove on the parts. i tried to paint it in the peace time tan buff colors don't it comes out heinously ugly do it white or better still gray. The good thing about the kit is when finished it is rugged and when i was a kid i put ballast in mine and this ship was a regular bath tub warrior. you have to be old school to appreciate this kit.

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