Westland Lysander Aircraft

This is the Westland Lysander Aircraft plastic model by Lindberg Models.

Lindberg Westland Lysander Aircraft Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/48 Scale #410
 Lindberg # lnd410
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Lindberg Item # lnd410
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Spotlight Review

"Your First Choice for a WWII Spook Ops Specimen"
The old Hawk Lysander now comes with the later Testors mods: cylinder head blisters, a boarding ladder, and the fuel or cargo pod. Other than those, it's identical to its original form in the 1960s. The Hawk Lysander is a viceless, quick, easy, sturdy build. I talked to a Lysander driver once, and he assured me there were more middle-of-the-night conferences between the opposing powers, and he chauffeured many flag officers and diplomats to France and back before dawn, far more, he said, than you'd ever imagine. Other passengers woulld be MI-5 and OSS agents going into Axis territory, and downed aviators coming out. Highly STOL-capable, the Lysander was your prime specimen of a WWII spy plane. So this is a seriously significant model subject. Unless you aim to invest a compulsive year-long effort, this kit will yield you great results for minimal cost and effort. There are some aftermarket decals, but most Lysanders should be RAF camo over an all-black bottom.

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  • Lindberg Product Number: 410

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"The Hero of all Britain"
johncpo41 (www.hobbiesinabarn)
The Lysander was by far a true war horse that carried men supplies during World War Two. This kit is the rendition that fills a large gap in history and is a very easily built kit. I started out by thoroughly reading the exploded drawing instruction sheet which was typical for the era of the kit's age. I decided to build sub-assemblies to ease painting the parts later and piecing them together with better results. That is a good practice with this kit. I had no fit issues and there was little flash of leftover plastic which was nice. As old as the plastic seemed it doesn't take well to CA or Super Glue and after trying a few parts using HobbyLinc brand CA I was successful by clamping parts together such as the wing halves, and fuselage but beyond those parts there were no more gluing issues. I found that painting the entire model with a light greenish-grey primer of acrylic paint was the best way to go and through research found photos of actual aircraft had been restored showing a light green for the underside of the wings, so I painted them accordingly. I painted the fuselage in a similar paint pattern as the box cover shows and added different decals as the markings followed an actual aircraft pattern. This would make a good beginner kit with minimal supervision and loaded with fun parts to detail if one chooses. I highly recommend this kit to anyone with a little experience with aircraft models.

"Excellent tool and die work by the Hawk Company"
jimwoodward1943 (Broken Arrow, OK)
Was surprised by the comparative size of the Lysander to the Spitfire and the Hurricane. All parts fit very well and was a quick build.

"good value; as odd the the original"
Back in the 1990's,(when I could afford the and had space,I was building 1/32 scale kits I got a hold of a revel Lysander of this scale. It was a great kit; the detail in the complexity of the wing root was terrific. Now building 1/48 scale, I found this Hawk kit; I never heard of them in 60 years, but knowing Lindberg (ugh) and being priced right, I gave it a try. it's not a bad kit at all; most everything fit together quite well, and very little flash. it was good as the old Monogram kits. While I missed the complexity of the wing root detail, I found the use of the clear part roof of the model as a structural element quite clever in its conception. If it were not for the difficulty in gluing the wing assembly to the fuselage I would rate this kit a good one for beginners. It is a great value and a must for WWII aircraft collector/builders.

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