USS Constitution

This is a 1/96 U.S.S. Constitution Plastic Model Ship from Revell-Monogram. It's intended for level 3 advanced modelers, ages 14 and up.

Revell-Monogram USS Constitution Plastic Model Sailing Ship Kit 1/96 Scale #850398
 Revell-Monogram # rmx850398
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Revell-Monogram Item # rmx850398
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  • Revell-Monogram Product Number: 850398
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Spotlight Review

"old faithful"
I am halfway through the full kit; just completed the standing rigging, taking a break and then on to the much more difficult running rigging. This is my third one in my lifetime. The first I built right after college, got as far as the standing rigging and had it destroyed by the family cat. The cat lived, but paid for it big-time for the rest of his miserable life. The second I built in the late 70's to full sail (with some notable areas of extreme difficulty in the inner running rigging). I had that model for eighteen years until I moved across the country and it had too much fatigue to survive the trip. As fir this kit, I admit I did not buy it from Hobbylinc. I bought it very used (it still had the Glencoe Ave, Venice address. I got it used from a local hobby store (one of only two in Albuquerque) for fifty dollars. It was complete when I started; but, thanks to Revell service, I was able to replace small parts I lost along the way so far. it is going well, but I did need a break. I have built about thirty WWII aircraft kits along the way, all from Hobbylinc. I will get back to it soon. It was, and is, a magnificent kit. Its detail is wonderful. its fit, with the exception of hull deck assemble, is great The biggest reason I wrote this review id to maybe warn parents of kids below the teens to buy this kit. it is not for a beginner, in any way. But you do learn a lot from the kit; building models, ship construction and history, and a very real and present example of American history. I hope I live long enough to finish it.

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  • Kit includes
  • Detailed captain's quarters complete with bulkheads, a table, and bunks.
  • 20 miniature crew figures.
  • 39 detailed billowing sails.
  • 55 authentically scaled cannons.
  • Rigging line and thread.
  • Molded deadeyes, blocks, and pinrails.
  • Detailed lifeboats with oars, davits and davit rigging.
  • Anchors and anchor rope.
  • Colorful flag sheet.
  • Finely engraved hull detail, detailed deck with capstan, wheel, fife rails, and galley funnels.
  • Pre-formed ratlines, intricate stern and bow engraving.
  • Step-by-step rigging instructions.
  • Ship may be painted as seen on the box with the following colors
  • flat white, flat brown, gold, flat green, flat black, flat tan,
  • copper, and flat flesh.


  • Revell-Monogram Product Number: 850398


One 1/96 U.S.S. Constitution Plastic Model Ship Kit

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Excellent detail, but with a few problems."
I built the 1/96 scale USS Constitution. wonderfully detailed and a lot of fun! definitely NOT for beginners, nor for even experienced younger model builders due to the very intricate details. However, there is ONE problem you should be aware. In the first instruction manual (the first is the build, the second is all rigging) the instructions inform you that if you wish to depict the ship with full sails, then the yard arms on the masts should be in the angled position according to the picture (pages 36, 38 and 40). DO NOT DO THIS.....PLACE THEM SQUARE TO THE BOW AND STRAIGHT!!!!! With the yard arms at the angle, not only will the ratlines NOT fit, but none of the rigging will align properly. I found out the hard way and had to cut the yard arms off and reset them. Other than that, it is a wonderful model, and worth the challenge.

"President Washington's Air Force One!"
jimandlisatolliver (Rocky Mount VA)
This kit was a bucket list item of mine for years. My dad built this kit in the early 80s when I was just a kid and just getting started in the hobby. Now I'm an old timer kinda like Old Ironsides. The kit was amazing and took nearly a year to build. The instructions are very detailed, and patience is the key to success! Not for the beginner. This was the first kit I purchased from hobbylinc but will not be my last!

"Building Old Ironsides"
Rick1011 (Evans, Co)
In my opinion, sailing ships are the most beautiful things man ever created, and the Constitution is one of the most majestic frigates, ever. This kit is well designed, engineered, and formed. Other than a small warp of the port hull amidships, it went together beautifully. The rigging instructions were clear, concise, and fairly easy to understand, but certain steps require close study.(Almost every ship model rigging is like that) This is one, if not the best, sailing ships on the market, and at a great price for what you receive. I plan on buying another one in the future, if only to correct some of my mistakes! Thank you Revell and Hobbylinc. Rick


  • Keep from small children. Kit contains small parts which may cause swallowing in infants.
  • Can be rigged with or without sails.

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