Assemble the AH-60L DAP Black Hawk Helicopter with this 1:35 Scale Plastic Model Kit from Academy. Modeling Suitable for Ages 10 & Older.

Academy AH-60 DAP
 Academy Plastics # acy12115
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Academy Plastics Item # acy12115
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1:35
  • Fuselage Length: 17" (432mm)
  • Rotor Diameter: 18-1/2" (470mm)
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Spotlight Review

"Excellent Kit"
This is an excellent kit from Academy. The kit is also very big too as it is 1/35th scale. There is unfortunately no crew figures that come with the kit but ones can be bought separately. There are also aftermarket parts to help set this kit apart. There are different options while building the kit that the builder can choose. The instructions were easy to follow and the pieces are fit as they were supposed to.

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  • Fully engraved panel line and rivet details..
  • Extensive cockpit detailing..
  • Detailed jet engine and rotor assembly..
  • Realistic M261-19 tube rocket launcher and M229 missile launcher..
  • Minigun and auxiliary fuel tank..
  • Detailed M-2 machine gun, FLIR, AGM-114 Hellfire, and M130 Chaf dispenser..
  • Detailed landing gear, IFR probe, and HIRSS..
  • Accurate waterslide decals with illustrated placement guide..
  • Easy to follow, illustrated assembly instructions..


  • Scale: 1:35
  • Fuselage Length: 17" (432mm)
  • Rotor Diameter: 18-1/2" (470mm)


One Plastic Model

Requirements & Suggestions

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"AH-60L Blackhawk -Best Helicopter Model Ever"
JRB (Burleson, Texas)
I have put together many model helicopters in the recent past. My father was an Army Rotary Wing Pilot, hence my love for helicopters. This Blackhawk has got to be the best Helicopter Model I have done to date (since the 1/48th C-47 Chinook). It was the most challenging, most time consuming, and the most detailed model yet it was the most satisfying. It did require a large selection of paints. It is beautifully cast and the instructions are better than most. There are a few spots in the instructions that are opposite, but if you look at the real photos provided, you can figure it out. I would recommend this kit only to the best modelers. It is not for the novice. I loved it. I will probably build it again in the future. It is well worth the price for the finished unit.

"Lots of options, but..."
Full disclosure: I was a UH-60 crew chief, so I am really familiar with the aircraft generally and am therefore probably unfairly picky. Still, this is a Jekyll-and-Hyde kit. On the plus side, there are a bazillion options if you are familiar with the aircraft you want to build; lots of MH-, AH-, HH-, and UH-60 variants can be fashioned reasonably well from this kit (depending on era you are modeling, as panels have changed over the service life of the Blackhawk). Until Kittyhawk came out with their $100-plus kit, this was the best Hawk in the best scale, and it's still probably the right choice for modelers of my pay grade. But fit is problematic and the decals are much more yellow than the OD markings on the 160th aircraft I happened to encounter during my enlistment. Some specific fit issues: make sure to sand down the top of the cargo hook box so the cabin floor can sit flat, and the windshield/greenhouse piece needs a lot of work. The floor and ceiling of the cabin are badly oversimplified, and the main landing gear struts are clearly visible in the cabin, so you might want some sheet styrene to cover them. Overall, I would recommend this kit to a modeler with a good understanding of the particular airframe they want to represent and the skills and patience to deal with the fit issues. The price gap between this and the much-lauded KH kit would cover a LOT of aftermarket; Werner's Wings has some nice options.

"First review of the Blackhawk Penetrator"
somnus78 (Whidbey Island)
This model is great. A lot of options to build it in plenty of ways. You can go the DAP route or other 160th SOAR variants. Plenty of hellfires, rockets and drop tanks and guns. No pilots or aircrew but detail kits are easy to find. Now, I'm not sure if this kit is undersized for 1:35 scale or my other Helicopter kits are actually 1:32. It honestly seems a bit smaller at first glance. The resin is strong and sturdy with great detail. Use snips/cutters to get the pieces out. All-in-all, great model with great potential. Looking forward to the build.


  • One Waterslide Decal Sheet for 1 Aircraft Version
  • -160th, SOAR, U.S. Army.
  • Airframe and Detail Colors: -White, Flat Black, Silver, Gun Metal, Gold, Metallic Gray, Semi Gloss Black, Dark Gray, Olive Drab, Dark Gull Gray, Yellow Zinc Chromate, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Sand.

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